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Tools for the Transition

In an effort to provide support, Sikh Dharma International is sharing tools to assist with the challenges people might experience during the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.  As Sikhs, we look to the Shabad Guru for all answers, for all comforts.  We pray that these tools, given to us by Guru, deepen your relationship to your own soul, provide profound inner peace and healing, and enable you to become a light of hope for others who are in pain.  read more >

Meditations and Mantras

Change of Ages - How the Shabad Taatee Vaa-o Na Laga-ee Can Support your Transformation

This Shabad bring protection and helps get rid of insecurities. The Shabad creates the experience that no matter what difficulties or challenges you are facing, you feel completely held, protected and taken care of by the hand of the Creator. The Shabad causes you to feel supported, that everything is happening as it should, and that all your difficulties are being taken care of. Recite this Shabad 11 times a day, or have it playing in the background during your day. It will provide an energy of total support as you navigate the shift in consciousness in your own life as the Age of Pisces comes to an end and the Age of Aquarius begins. View the shabad

Sadhana - Your Daily Spiritual Practice

Sikh Dharma teaches that everything a person needs exists within himself or herself. We don't need anything outside. We only need to touch the waters of Divinity that live within us. And by experiencing that place, life comes into a perfect balance. read more >

Sikh Vows and Taking Amrit

For many people, at some point in their spiritual development, they realize that they are already living their lives according to certain principles. They are at that stage of their personal and spiritual growth where they have made significant changes in their lifestyle and commitment to Self. Sikh vows and taking Amrit are a way to seal one's inner commitment to oneself with the power of one's word.
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