The Power of the Narayan Shabad


Gurdwara Lecture by the Siri Singh Sahib

February 6, 1987

When I was in Amritsar, I have told you many times that Baba Karak Singh told us what shall be happening to the Panth.  There were two people there:  Sant Jarnail Singh and Sant Longowal.  Many of you witnessed that.  He told us that from that day onward Sikhs were going to be going through the test of time; therefore we should chant that shabad. Remember what that was?  Aap Sahaaee Hoaa Sache Daa Sachaa Dhoaa.  Right?  We sang it and we got rid of many things with that shabad.

And now, I am telling you Akal Takhat shall not be completed and restored back to its glory if we do not sing the Narayan Shabad and participate to the full glory of it.  This is a shabad by Guru Arjan Dev.  Guru Arjan Partakh Har personified God.  He stood the test of fire and came out totally pure.  That purity entitled Guru Hargobind to construct Akal Takhat.  Akal Takhat didn’t get constructed because somebody had the brick and the paste and the mortar and sat down and built it up.  No.  And I did hear the story that Brahma came and Vishnu came and Shiva came and Narayan came and they built the Akal Takhat.

But I tell you what built the Akal Takhat.  Let me tell you in my way.  I’m not saying it is a right thing to say.  But I’m willing to take the blame if it is wrong.  I say God took a human body in the form of Arjan Mal, who rose to the position or the purity to become Guru Arjan De.  Man became Guru.  The light was bestowed and lived.  This light of light, the creative light of millions and zillions of suns sat on a hot plate and purified itself, entitling the birth of Guru Hargobind and giving him the position to build Akal Takhat.

In 1984, that Akal Takhat was sacrificed along with the Gursikhs who stood by it.  People thought they could destroy it and then they thought they could rebuild it. They could not destroy it because it lives in the heart of every Sikh, nor could they rebuild it. They tried.  It is still a big hole.

You shall build it.  And when we are singing this Narayan Shabad, the vibration of it will restore the glory of the Khalsa.

Just remember in 1984, we started going through the test of time.  Now, we are entering ’87 and ’88.  You were told in 1972, and I’m telling you now, that as it is written in the heavens, Sikhs will go through trial and turmoil and test and everything in the world from 1984 to 1988.  There is no way that we shall not be tested by the steel of time, not the man.  That’s why I never say, “The Government of India did this or that.”  No, there is no government of India.  What is a government that comes out, makes a ruling, goes back on it, and tomorrow it can be anything?  So why are we talking of a temporary situation for a permanent solution?  Temporary situation is that we have become lazy and we have left our niaara panth.  That’s our exclusiveness as Khalsa.  And fortunately, during this time, we are going to totally vibrate and purify ourselves and it is going to work out.  Thank God it takes only four years.

This Narayan Shabad has a history and a power behind it.  You have seen the success of the other shabad, haven’t you?  Well, test this one, too.  Let us restore the glory of the Akal Takhat through this shabad.

So now we are not celebration the martyrdom of the Akal Takhat, we are now singing for the glory of this Akal Takhat.  Now that’s the difference.  Therefore it is the responsibility of each one of you to participate.  Whether or not you are a Sikh, that’s not the question.  But if you have tongue and you can sing, and you have time, you must come here for the love of Akal Takhat.  You must participate, and must sing this.

This shabad will do five things:  1) it will restore the glory of the Khalsa; 2) it will restore the glory of the Akal Takhat; 3) it will bring the character of the Khalsa back to it; 4) it will bring the future of the Khalsa on a silver plate and God shall present it back to the Khalsa; 5) and it shall give you the amalgamation, merger and oneness with God, whosoever shall sing.

If that doesn’t happen, wherever you perform my last rite, as a religious duty, spit at that place and never leave a flower.  But as Guru has said, so it shall happen and I’m just taking this opportunity today to communicate with you.

Jaa(n) kao mushkal at banai, dho-ee ko-e naa(n) de,

Laagoo ho-e dushmanaa, saak bhe bhaj khale,

Sabho bhajai aasaraa, chukai sabh asaraa-oh,

Chit aavai os paarabraham, lagai naatatee vaa-o.

One who is confronted with dire difficulty, to which no one offers any support,

Whose friends have turned into enemies and event kinsmen have deserted him,

When all support has given way and all hope has been lost,

If he should then remember the Supreme Lord, even the hot wind shall not touch him.  Guru Arjan Dev ji, Siri Guru Granth Sahib, p. 70 – 71. This shabad has been sung by Guru Arjan Dev for us to practice.  I hope every night in your silent, saintly, instituted sense of that communicated magnetic field, in the realm of the urge to participate in the valleys of those realms where no man has a voice, you will come to this ashram and sing those words created by Guru Arjan, the personified God, Himself.  Those words made him to stand to purity by the test of fire, and when he came out the other side, Guru was installed who could wear the miree and piree, and thus became Har Gobind.  And it entitled him to install the Akal Takhat.

What is in the heavens is on the earth.  So it is written, so it shall be done.  But it needs a little help from you, a little effective participation.  Today you may not care what I say to you because you know I can speak and I can tell you.  Very soon you will miss one thing.  There will be nobody like me to tell you.  Then you’ll have to depend upon your dreams and your dreams and extra-sensory perception to receive the sound, and those kinds of things.

But, that’s a human formula.  That’s too little in comparison to what you have, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.  I am asking you to understand today that the body is a shell and it shall fall because it is a confinement. It keeps me and you on the earth.  Earth is not our home.  Earth is the creation, it is Kar.  It is one creation of the Ong.  But I do not belong to the earth.  I can visit it, live here, then go back home.  I came here, I got married, and I have children.  Then I married in a different way.  I created so many children.  So this children business is going on.  One is jiwan sansaar.  Other is shabad sansaar.  You are my divine children through shabad sansaar.  And in that we have now become a Khalsa family.  We have become Undying.  We took Guru Gobind Singh of Akal Moorat.  Then next is Ajoonee Saibhang Gur Prasaad.

So in physical communication, personalities do not count.  It is the infinite sound of God which presides over you and that is the Siri Guru Granth.  Siri Guru Granth must preside at Akal Takhat.  But at the moment there is not Akal Takhat.  It has a space in the heart of each Sikh and it has a space in the heart of the nerve center whereida and pingala, the governing forces, meet the shushmana, it is at that spot that Akal Takhat exists.  Akal Takhat is not brick and mortar, hands and money, government and bombardment, or destruction and the construction.  That is not Akal Takhat.  In the horizon and in the space where the earth and the earth’s own system takes energy from the heavens, where ida and pingala meet the sushamana of the planet, that nine foot square place is called Kala Takhat.  I just want to tell you what you have never been told before.

It is the longitude and the latitude of the nerve center of the universe which keeps the central movement of magnetic rotation of the shield of the planet earth.  They have damaged that place and they are unable to discover why the ozone shield is rupturing.  Fools do not understand – if you chop off somebody’s head, you can’t let the heart beat.  They do not know what they have done.  They thought it was a building.  They thought there were some people hiding, and they thought they could bombard it and gas it and kill it.  And then they thought they could bring the artisans, bring the artists, bring some marble, and bring some gold, and they can build Akal Takhat?  If Akal Takhat could be built like that, then we can build a clone of the Akal Takhat everywhere.

We should have two million Akal Takhats.  A body can have two lungs, but only one heart.  Akal Takhat cannot be built by governments.  That is what I am enjoying; sitting here and I feel very funny.  The entire money and manpower of the Government of India, and millions of Hindus and Sikhs and Muslims, and the four and a half billion people in the world cannot build Akal Takhat.  And it shall never be built like that.  Because Guru Arjan has to sit again through the test of fire as Khalsa, and we shall chant that mantra which he chanted to purify himself and that is what this Narayan Shabad is, and when we’ll perfect it, Akal Takhat will appear by its own force.  Men and material doesn’t matter.  You understand what I’m saying?  So will you be here tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow?  And those who have not come today will you tell them?

You are building the Akal Takhat.  Each, each line of this shabad is a brick.  Each breath which goes with the shabad is the gold.  And each voice created is the marble.  Because it’s a great job, it can only be done by great people who have accepted the Guru in the face of everything.  Some of you have to stand what your parents tell you.  Some of you stand what the world tells you.  Some of you….you have to stand, and you have to stand out!  So you are reaching standing out to the outset space of the heavens and bringing back the Akal Takhat again, to reconstruct itself and re-exist at the spot where it was.  You understand what I am saying?  Because we are Sikhs of the Shabad, and we are the sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh, and we are the soul and the soul-ownership of Guru Arjan.  That’s why this shabad was give to us and that’s why now we are going to sing it and we are going to repeat it every night!  And it is very good!  The interest, the benefit, the earthly benefit to you will be 25% – a lot of money, a lot of prosperity, a lot of happiness Sukh, Anand – Peace, Bliss.  Two things.  Not only Anand.  Sukh, Anand.  And the daa-in, the teeth of the daa-in – witch, shall be broken.  That’s the most beautiful thing in it.

Now you shall construct Akal Takhat, with the power of the shabad.  That is why we never forget the 6th of every month. Come.  Bring friends, enemies, know, unknown.  Come.  Come you must!  Prosperous you shall become.  That day!  Because you will be meditation in the construction of the sole sum of that energy which is the totality, reality and infinity of God.  There is no meditation; there is not mantra which can give us so much in such a short time.  So never forget the 6th.  Come and do nothing but participate and sing.  Teach it to the children and let them sing.  You sing.  Then you’ll become Singh!  Because your Akal Takhat will reappear in its own glory.  Immortal sovereignty is sovereignty.  Mortal sovereignty is no sovereignty.  Therefore, I’m asking you, let us today all promise that we’ll do everything this week and the weeks to come and then on the sixth week prove that in four weeks we have mastered the shabad and we’ll sing it and we’ll call on Almighty God to come and say, “Okay, okay, okay, okay, I understand.”  That’s how I want you to sing this shabad.  Ram kee bandee bhagat chudi-ay, Bhagat kee bandee ko-ee naa-eh – the knot tied by God can be loosened by the devotee, but God cannot undo the knot tied by the devotee.  I want that bhagatee, I want to give that final know to it, and I want it to happen and I want you, who believe in the Guru, to make it happen.  We are not asking for that space.  We are not asking for the marble, not for the gold, not for the government, not for the people.  Akal Takhat can only be built by Akal.  Because Akal has to sit on that throne.  These earthly people thought it is the earth, it is the bricks…they don’t understand the whole thing.  Let us understand it once and for all.  Let us participate and let us build the Akal Takhat with the shabad.  When your generations from here onward shall rule for five thousand years, they will remember you for the glory you sang in the voice and in the words of Guru Arjan, your prana will become that of Guru Arjan.  Then you will live through this bindh, bandu sadhana, the power and the right and the privilege to Har Gobind, the Sustainer God, to build the Takhat of the miree piree, the Akal Takhat.  Don’t you understand this simple theory?  Money cannot build it.  Lakshmi cannot build it.  Narayan has to build it.  They tried to build it with money, but it didn’t stay.  But when Narayan will build it, then Narayan will preside in it, and Siri Guru Granth will enjoy it.  Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa!  Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh!

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