24th Pauri of JapJi Sahib by Guru Nanak

“The twenty-fourth Paurī breaks through all limitations with the force of a thunderbolt, so powerfully that it affects generations.  It has the power to kill misfortune.” – from the Teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan (1)

English Transliteration of the 24th Pauri of Japji Sahib by Guru Nanak:

Ant Na Siftee Kehn na ant, Ant na karnai dayn na ant, Ant na vaykhan sunan na ant; Ant na jaapai kiaa man mant, Ant na jaapai keetaa aakaar; Ant na jaapai paaraaavaar, Ant kaaran kaytay bilalaa-he, Taa kay ant na paa-ay jaa-ay, Ayho ant na jaanai ko-i, Bahutaa keheeai Bahutaa ho-i, Vadaa saahib oochaa thaao, Oochay oopar oochaa naao, Ayvad oochaa hovai ko-i, Tis Oochay kau jaanai so-i, Jayvad aap jaanai aap aap, Naanak nadaree karamee daat

 ant na siftee

English Translation of the 24th Pauri of Japji Sahib by Guru Nanak:

Limitless his praises, Limitless those who speak them, Limitless his workings and his givings, Endless are the sounds and sights, Limitless the mysteries of his mind, Endless the creation it’s expanse, here and beyond, Countless struggle to find his limit; it cannot be found, Nobody knows the end; the more is said, the more to say, Great is the Lord, high his abode, His Name the highest of the high, One must gain those heights to know, He himself knows how vast he is, O Nanak, It is his gracious glance, that can raise a man so high. This English Translation is from Matamandir Singh’s recording of this pauri.  Click here to hear his beautiful recording


GuruTej Singh KhalsaS.S. Gurutej Singh Khalsa’s reflections on the 24th Paurī of JapJī Sāhib by Guru Nānak (5)

The 24th Paurī uses the term Ant Na, repeatedly. Ant means end. Na is the negation of Ant, meaning without end, countless as it is frequently translated. In this Paurī, Guru Nānak marvels at the vastness of the Ek Ong Kār. He explains that countless are the praises and the praisers of God, countless are the works and gifts of God. Guru Nānak goes on to explain that God’s powers,  His vision and hearing is limitless. Here, Guru is giving human qualities to the Ek Ong Kār so that the human can grasp a sense of the vast limitless quality of God. Guru Nānak tells us that no one knows God’s limits and there are no words that can describe him because in order to know Him, one must become as great as He is. Yet, God’s Name, the Nām is the highest of the high, implying that the Nām is actually higher than God Himself. Ultimately, Guru Nānak says, only God alone knows how great He is, yet by his kind looks the merciful God showers His kind gifts.

So, Guru advises us that the Ek Ong Kār is infinite but that we, as humans do not have the capacity to fully grasp that vastness. However, Nānak gives us a way to reach that state, which is through the Nām. The Nām is the highest of the high and those who practice the Nām can achieve that exalted state. Guru puts it on us, the student, to do the work.
At Summer Solstice, on 22 June, 1989, the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan said this about the 24th Paurī:
“Whosoever perfects these words, by uttering, by singing, by remembering, shall have a mastery on five Tattwas, three Gunas, and 8 Chakras, 10 Bodies, and Infinity.  I swear it is true.” (2)
The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan talked extensively about the 24th Paurī the summer of 1989, especially at Khalsa Women’s Training Camp aka Womens’ Camp. At his Womens’ Camp lecture on July 4, 1989, the American Independence Day, he said this:
“Sun flares affect the woman and the moon waning and waxing affects the man. We call it corruption and discuss it a lot in society.” Actually it is caused by a sun eruption. Depending how big the flares are, which side of the sun they are on a woman can go through it in an absolutely heavy way. The only unfortunate part of it is that certain sun flares affect a certain category of female so suddenly, so sharply, that even she doesn’t know what she is going through. Guru Nānak knew about it, and he talked about it. He put one Paurī in Jap Jī  to give strength of the mind to face all of what is in the stars. He knew the tragedy the woman goes through, the tragedy man goes through and he understood it.
Do you know what Guru Nānak has done? He has used Naad, Sirī Naad and put all the limits on the sun, moon and stars, individual psyche, reactive psyche, co-reactive psyche and projecting psyche. What he did was to stretch out a big hand and round it all up. That gives you sovereignty. That guarantees you happiness.  The greatest thing Guru Nānak has ever done for mankind is to give this Paurī. It cuts out any negativity, insanity, pain and curse in life. It breaks up everything within the limit which can affect you.
The rhythmic pattern of the twenty-fourth Paurī of Jap Jī and our (United States) national anthem coincidentally happen to be the same. One is the song of the Infinity and the other the song of freedom and victory. So what we are going to do is put them together and set the ball rolling for the freedom of woman because the Grace of God Movement for Women of America is a part of us.” (3)
 Later that summer, on August 8, 1989 the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan said this about the 24th Paurī:
“This ‘Ant na siphatī kehn na ant‘…are the words of Nānak. It will give you infinite powers.  It will give you victory, it will give you conquering intelligence.  It is amazing, the same notes are in our American National Anthem.  The same notes are in this Paurī of the infinity.  Line by the line.  Not a one line is more, not a one line is less…you are not born free.  You are to live free. And you have to live ’til infinity as free.  That’s why all the words and the balance of the words and the rhythm of the words are exactly the same as what is in the Paurī of Infinity sung by Guru Nānak.  Just copy the tone, copy the note, see how it fits in.  Copy the sound.
It is also called a ‘handy Paurī.’  Whenever you need energy and you want to be transferred into a matter – energy can be transferred into matter and matter can be transferred into energy, that’s all it is. That is called life.  So when you want handiness, help, in life, just recite this Paurī, mentally.  You will be one step ahead of what you are doing.
These are vibrations, these are permutations and combinations.  This is not to be considered religion and not religion….Medicine is not always bitter.  Some medicines are sweet, too. These are the tools which you must have so people may not make a fool out of you.  Man is a fool without his tools. There’s no defense. Strongest defense is that your mind must serve you and your mental strength be with you so your spirit can come through and your body can sustain.
Anything which stops you, gets stopped itself.  Ant means end, the end is endless.  It gives you immortality.  Mortal becomes immortal.  It gives you infinity.   Finite becomes infinite.” (4)
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  5. The reflections on this pauri by S.S. Gurutej Singh Khalsa were shared in the 40 Day Global Sadhana hosted in early 2016 by Spirit Voyage


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