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Looking for a conscious way to celebrate this month’s holidays with your sweetie?


How about this installment of 3HO‘s new KundaLiving web series, with Guruka Singh and Guruka Kaur.

It’s completely free and if you can’t tune it on Wednesday it will be available for 48 hours after!

See the schedule below of monthly topcis, and check out past theme’s content.

Our 2013 Themes are:

January: Healthy, Happy, and Holy

February: Authentic Relationships

March: Radiant Beauty

April: The Capacity to Heal

May: The Power of Mantra

June: Join Us at Summer Solstice!

July: Sadhana

August: The Three Minds

September: Conscious Communication

October: Open the Doors to Prosperity

November: Seva – Selfless Service

December: Gratitude


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