Aquarian March


Meditation for an Invincible Spirit February 2, 1992

 From the Manual: I am a Woman – Creative, Sacred, Invincible

In the face of any great change, we confront three destructive impulses: to be alone and withdrawn, to deny or fantasize about the future that’s coming, and to live with greed or scarcity instead of prosperity. This mantra counters these three tendencies and instills the mind with courage and caliber. Focus on the movement of the tongue and the sensation of the sound as it creates a time and space.Note the subtle difference in the meaning of the words “Siri” and “Maha.” “Great (Siri)” still has a touch of finiteness; “Infinite (Maha)” has no finiteness or form.

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine and neck lock. Left hand in Gyan Mudra resting on the knee with the arm straight. Raise the right hand about 12 inches in front of the chest, holding the mantra sheet and concentration on the written words as you chant. If you don’t have a mantra sheet, angle your hand is if you were reading a page with the palm open and the wrist straight. Apply Neck Lock and look down the nose to see the mantra sheet or the palm. When Yogi Bhajan gave this meditation, he asked us to focus the eyes, pay attention and not drift. If you do not have the page to read from, use the palm but continue to focus.

For the next two minutes, place the hands on your heart and chant. Eyes are closed. For one minute, whisper the mantra. For the final thirty seconds, chant without the music. Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 11.33.20 AM

The mantra is “The Mantra for the Aquarian Age,” by Nirinjan Kaur. Chant the mantra with the music, beome a symphony. Chant this 27 minutes for a 31 minute practice: Sat Siri Siri Akal, Siri Akal Maha Akal, Maha Akal Sat Nam, Akal Murat Wahe Guru.

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  1. As I read the beautiful notes from Los Alamos students, I can see how much you have affected them with your love of the Guru. Thank you,ji, for giving your time and knowledge to our future generations.
    Sat Nam

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