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Mu Laalan Sio Priit Banii: Este Shabad Crea Devoción Inquebrantable en Cualquier Relación

Este Shabad crea devoción inquebrantable en cualquier relación. Medita en Este Shabad o recítalo 11 veces al día para traer esta energía a tu vida. Raag Bilaval, Guru Arjan Dev Ji - Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - Página 827 Autor: Guru Arjan Dev Ji Moo laalan si-o preet banee (Rahaa-o)
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Video: Learn a Shabad – Gur Ki Bani Sio Rang Laeh

On Wednesday, April 21, Pritpal Singh hosted the monthly “Learn a Shabad” program, featuring the Shabad 'Gur Ki Bani Sio Rang Laeh.' This video enables viewers to learn how to sing these sacred sounds. Some time is spent learning how to pronounce these words and what they mean. Some time focuses on learning one melody

Millis Ashram Opens Curbside Food Pantry for All

Sikh Dharma of Massachusetts recently opened a new pick-up food pantry in Millis. “We’d been thinking about doing this  for a long time, and in the spring, when COVID came, we decided to start. We hope to serve the larger community, and we’re hoping to expand this, to go out into the community to feed
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Job Openings at KIIT

The KIIT Portfolio of businesses and investments are values-based, balancing positive impact on community and environment, with financial performance intended to support and advance the non-profit mission of the SSSC. KIIT is now hiring for two full time positions!
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