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The Sacred Sounds of Nirinjan Kaur

Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa's (Espanola) signature sound and contribution to the musical world of 3H0 and Sikh Dharma during the 1990s is undeniable. In 1992, Volume 1 of the Musical Affirmations Collection, comprised of the classics  "Every Heartbeat" and "God is Within Me," was remastered and rereleased.  Musical Affirmations Volume 1 is used for White Tantric Yoga
Every Heartbeat God is Within Me Nirinjan

Mantra Para Superar La Codicia: Reflexiones Acerca Del Séptimo Pauree Del Llap Lli Sahib

Esta publicación es provista por cortesía de Spirit Voyage y fue escrito por Dr. Ramdesh De acuerdo con Yogi Bhajan, “cuando sufres de codicia, locura por el poder, expansión despótica y necesidad de control, cuando estás atrapado en tu territorialidad, el Séptimo Pauree [del Llap Lli Sahib] te sanará.” La codicia es graciosa. Va
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A Kundalini Yogi Who Took a Long Time to Embrace Japji

In those days, we thought Japji was for Sikhs only and often joined Sadhana after. I also had my own reason – despite rejecting the church, I loved Jesus… With the passing years however, following my unfolding spiritual path, I understood there was no contradiction… the human heart is big enough to love Jesus, the
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