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History and Composition of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Part 1 of Chapter 3 of Victory and Virtue Through his Hymns and Prayers, Guru Nanak inspired and uplifted humankind to live a life of truth, righteousness and spirituality. These enlightening words were sung by his companions, Bala and Mardana, and by the Sangats which grew up around Guru Nanak. In his later

Mensaje de Fin de Año 2017 de la CEO

Querida Familia Sikh Dharma, Afectuosos Saludos a todos ustedes en este maravilloso momento del año, en el que podemos reflexionar acerca de las bendiciones del pasado año con gratitud, y podemos mirar hacia adelante al año que viene con renovada esperanza y compromiso. A nosotros en Sikh Dharma Internacional nos gustaría expresar nuestra
Gurujot Kaur

Gurmukhi Ordinal Numbers

Information provided by Hari Dharam Kaur Khalsa In the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the word “ghar”  (Gru)   is often used.  Literally, this word means “home”, but in this case it means the tune, musical notation, or beat that a particular shabad is to be sung with.  These musical notations denote the pitch of

Rehit Maryada

Excerpt from Victory and Virtue (Chapter 3) Rehit Maryada means "To live in the constant remembrance of death." It is a code of conduct for living. "Reh," from the verb "rehenaa," means to continue, or to live. Adding "it," it means "lifestyle." "Mar" is derived from the verb "marna," to die, and "yad" means

El Poder Sanador de la Intención

Cuando conocí a Yogi Bhajan, yo era lo que consideraba un "sanador". Vivía en una gran comunidad 3HO, tenía muchos amigos maravillosos y todos éramos apasionados acerca de la sanación: naturopatía, homeopatía, Sat Nam Rasayan -  cualquier cosa sanadora. Estaba seguro de que este era mi camino. Luego el Maestro entró a la habitación y
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Sikh Vows

SIKH VOWS Any ordained Minister of Sikh Dharma may administer Sikh Vows in the presence of Siri Guru Granth Sahib and the Sadh Sangat. Anyone who is ready to make a commitment to live the remainder of his or her life as a Sikh of the Guru is welcome to take Sikh vows. These vows