Kirtan Programs Honoring the 40th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Akal Takhat

Two of our Legacy Gurdwaras are hosting kirtan programs in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Akal Takhat on June 6, 2024.  Here is the information: EVENING KIRTAN PROGRAM AT GURU RAM DAS ASHRAM IN LOS ANGELES You may attend in-person or online. Thursday, June 6, 2024
Photo by Amarpreet Singh, from Wikimedia Commons.

The Sikh National Anthem (aka Chanting Sat Nam)

This is an old classic 3HO song titled “The Sikh National Anthem” which was written by Guru Dass Singh Khalsa back in the 1970s, when many young westerners were learning about Sikhism and sharing the inspiration and love for the Guru through music. Click on the above link for a version of this The Sikh National Anthem

SACH KHAND: The Realm of Ultimate Truth

SiriKartar Kaur gifted a beautiful and consciously thoughtful mural titled “Sach Khand” to Miri Piri Academy.  Here is the story behind it: Every stroke of art in the mural holds special significance, weaving together the fabric of spirituality and cultural heritage to decorate our school and inspire our students, staff and visitors.
Siri Kartar Mural