Video: Dialogs in Dharma – Sikhs and Depression in the Time of COVID

Pritpal Singh hosted the first “Dialogs in Dharma” program on November 11. The topic for Episode 1 was Sikhs and Depression in the Time of COVID, with a panel discussion with distinguished Sikh mental health professionals discussing faith-based remedies for anxiety and depression caused during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sikh Research Institute Presents the Arti of IkOankar

Guru Nanak Sahib redefines the ritualistic Arti, urging us to imagine a different Arti. The Arti which takes down specific systems, power structures, and hierarchies, thereby equalizing creation to its original self. This Arti of the Guru is revolutionary, for it eliminates fear. This is the Arti of IkOankar, the Fear-Eliminator. May the fragrance of this
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