Camp Miri Piri 2017

Thank you again for the wonderful experience of Camp Miri Piri. I have never felt so deeply inspired, fulfilled, and already filled up at the beginning of Summer Solstice before.  The experience left me feeling ready and able to serve my community deeply, from a place of devotion and joy.  ~Nihal Kaur

My experience at Camp Miri Piri is hard to put into words, but I will try my best. 

What inspired me to attend the camp was that I wanted to experience a Sikh camp and I also wanted to visit Española and meet the Sangat there. 

I come from a Punjabi Sikh family and my parents have always taken us to the Gurdwara on weekends and they took time to sit with us and tell us stories about our Gurus and teach us various Banis. Yet, my interest was more about friends and other things. Things remained like this, but then everything started to change a few years ago. 

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“Camp MP was a transformational experience for my teenager.  He became deeply and intensely interested in practicing yoga, meditation, and started doing Japji daily.” (anonymous)

 “Sikhi is not about being born in a Sikh family. It is about constantly learning as a disciple and being able to balance the material and spiritual life. I cannot thank camp miri piri enough.” A Kaur, Fresno, California

“The camp is not just about listening to speakers like conferences. It is about experiencing bani as a cohort and learning to incorporate bani in everyday life as a Sikh. The sevadars and everyone in the camp was super helpful and we all became like a family. Physical training and waking up in the morning was the highlight of the camp for me.” Kaur, California

“We wanted to be see/experience to the way by which a Khalsa lives in North America. We also wanted our children to be introduced to other children who lead and want to lead a Khalsa life.” KD Singh, Ontario, Canada

“It’s a real warriors camp, it’s expanding mentally, physical and spiritually. It’s complete.” GR Kaur, Netherlands

“Not only did we learn about Sikh history and Sikh Philosophy, but the integration of kundalini yoga made the experience of Sikhi tangible. The practice of physical discipline and spiritual discipline made the camp a much more profound experience.” -SK Singh, Española, NM

“Camp Miri Piri restored my faith in Sikhi and in humanity. Though it may sound like a cliche and something over exaggerated- the truth is, with all the rat race back at home, you forget to take a step back and really take in everything around you. My trip and experience of Camp Miri Piri gave me that peace.

I met so many amazing people from all over the globe from whom I am still in contact with, from Australia to the other side of London. The truth is, i needed that experience. With all negativity constantly surrounding one, with everyday life, it’s hard to see the positive, but this gave me that buzz.

From working out with everyone in the small field in front of the Gurdwara, to learning in groups to meditate -through stories of inspiration. It’s like a holiday, but with opportunity to learn and take something back- which for once, stay with you forever. To me, it was my spiritual high.

So don’t be shy about who’s there and if you have to go by yourself. I promise you, it’s one big family. Everyone on the same level and best of all, it’s such a great laugh!” – Jagjeet Singh

“Just wanted to thank you & your team for all that u did for Camp Miri Piri. Am truly missing being in the camp grounds with such an inspiring group of spiritual souls. God Bless.” – Gurmeet Kaur, KL

“Camp Miri Piri was truly fun, uplifting spiritually and emotionally.  It was an experience of a lifetime, especially the meditation.” Kaldip Kaur, KL

“My son Gurjeev was extremely inspired. Well done great job to you and team! Heard more positive feedback from those who attended. “ – Raminder, Singapore

“The most important thing I took away is discipline. I had not been strictly adhering to amritvela or daily exercise and other such important things. But seeing myself being able to do all those things during the camp, I felt a sense of accomplishment each day and I thank Guru Ji for bringing me to this camp. Most importantly, I learnt that I am capable of so much and that it’s all in the mind. I’m glad I’m now practicing a camp routine each day with Amritvela, exercise, meditation and more. For that, I am glad I attended this camp and had such a blissful time there. I established wonderful relationships with other participants and learnt so much from their unwavering faith in Guru Ji and their personal experiences. The varied sangat allowed me to hear refreshing insights on others’ relationships with Guru Ji and it was all in all, a truly amazing experience. Chardikala Jatha’s kirtan was so amazing! It almost brought me to tears. Their presence at the camp made it even more inspirational for us participants, and the kirtan they did in the IPS sessions really really got me reeling.  Shanti Kaur was so full of grace and serenity and I really loved the way she described scenes in the Gurus’ times and read out sakhis with such vivid emotions. I learnt new lessons and re-learnt old ones with more clarity.” Gurinderjit Kaur, Singapore Suggestions: Make it an even longer camp! Truly worth the time and effort.

“I feel that it was really refreshing. I got at peace with myself. “ Regards, – Saheb Singh.