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San Francisco Foliage certified with the San Francisco Human Rights Commission

  1. Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

From producer to consumer, commercial distribution is a chain of values. Each link bears responsibility to the whole for good stewardship. Our policy is to preserve the integrity of that chain. We prioritize organically produced products wherever possible. Our practices are consistent with California’s requirements for pest exclusion. Our pest management strategies rely on organic and non-toxic controls. We believe these policies are ethically aligned with the public interest, values, and expectations. Public confidence and trust are industry’s most precious assets.

We believe a strong commitment to environmentally sound practices is essential.

  1. Commitment to improve the local economy through training, employment and providing entrepreneurial opportunities

Our response to social parameters that lag other communities in San Francisco is multi-vectored. It takes a network of resources, competencies and managed relationships to ease social conditions impacted over generations. We work in the community to forge these relationships.

San Francisco Foliage is committed to positively impact and improve the local economy. We provide employment, pathways for career development, and mentoring. We sponsor and host training programs that recruit from the Bayview-Hunters Point community. We sponsor paid after-school internships for transition aged youth and track metrics to maintain our focus and improve effectiveness.

  1. Commitment to Industry and Social Justice

On a continuum of social change business activity has social impact.

San Francisco Foliage is an important regional wholesale resource. Plants have a documented and positive effect on health and well being. Our products and services enhance quality of life in communities throughout northern California. Our mission is to share our love of urban horticulture and its transformative potential. Downstream service providers are typically small to medium sized businesses, not infrequently women owned. We are committed to use our position in an essentially green industry to effect positive social change.

  1. Commitment to Best Practices and Fairness

We are exacting on process and careful with people. Our employee commitment is to fairness. Mistakes are learning opportunities - as much for the company as for the individual employee. Customer satisfaction follows satisfied employees.


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