Sikh Dharma 201

Welcome to Sikh Dharma 201!

This course offers an intermediate level course of study, for those who have completed Sikh Dharma 101 and are looking to deepen their understanding of the Sikh Dharma path, or for those who have greater knowledge of Sikhism and Sikh Dharma and want to go to delve deeper into certain core Sikh Dharma concepts and practices.

This course provides a more in-depth look at foundational Sikh practices and beliefs – centering on a journey through bana, bani, seva and simran, among other areas. It offers an extensive dive into Sikh teachings, history and philosophy. It is designed for those looking to explore the Sikh lifestyle and experience in greater depth – yoga students, Sikh sangat, Sikh youth as they grow up, and others looking for a more thorough exploration of core aspects of the Sikh Dharma path. This course examines the Sikh Dharma path through an experiential lens, attempting to explain the deeper meaning and significance behind Sikh practices and teachings.

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Estimated Hours to Complete this Course: 18

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