Our Tri-Fold Altar Card Series began in 2015 with the Guru Nanak altar piece that also features Bahuta Karam, the 25th pauri of Japji Sahib. This beautiful card, which can stand up on it’s own and adorn your altar or sacred space, brings prosperity, blessings and grace. Next, we created the Guru Gobind Singh – Jai Taygang card, Guru Ram Das – Jap Man Sat Nam card, and the Guru Arjan – Aap Sahaee Hoaa card. Each card features one of our beloved Gurus and a section of Gurbani written by or in honor of that Guru, as well as more information about the benefits of relating to and meditating on each Guru and the accompanying Gurbani.

We will continue to create and share two more cards each year so that in 2021, the complete set of 10 cards will be available.

Whenever we come out with a new card (generally in the spring and fall), we will send the new cards out by mail to all that are on our physical mailing list. We also have them available to pass out at our annual events like Summer and Winter Solstices, and are happy to send these cards out to individuals, yoga centers, ashrams etc. by request. If you would like to be added to our physical mailing list to receive these cards as they are created, or to request specific cards, send your physical mailing address and explicit preferences to us at give@sikhdharma.org.

Each time we create and print a new card, we will also add it here, so stayed tuned.

Click on each card below to delve into the featured piece of Gurbani, listen to audio versions and access high resolution images of the cards for print.