Jatinder singh Amritsar, India
Customer retention machine Mar, 31
Medical Researcher and and practice in Integrative Medicine Mar, 29
Dhanwant Kaur Khalsa Espanola, New Mexico
Experienced Events Coordinator with other important skills. Mar, 27
Harpreet Singh Sandhu Toronto, Canada
Aspiring Certified associate f Project Management Mar, 09
Dev Amrit Khalsa Los Angeles, California
Budding Computer Programmer Mar, 03
Devraj Singh Khalsa Wembley, United Kingdom
Experienced HR Manager and BDM for Social Media Jan, 14
Jasmeet Singh United States
i am a hardworking sikh Oct, 15
Susan Stiles-Sumstine Roseburg, Oregon
Experience R & D Manager, Food and Beverage Industry Aug, 19
Natural Foods Manager Jul, 30
experienced educator Jul, 14
Claudia Moscoso United States
Experience in translation and developing corporative communication strategies Jun, 30
Loraine Garcia Santa Fe, New Mexico
Jun, 23
Simrat Khalsa Pleasant Hill, Oregon
Project Management - Creative Solutions May, 29
Bhupender B Lucknow, India
Back Office Operation May, 10
Shabd Singh Khalsa United States
Multi-lingual, world traveled entrepreneur, teacher, and writer Apr, 27
Sat Darshan Khalsa Espanola, United States
Experiance Desktop Support Tech Apr, 07
Surinderjeet Kaur Khalsa Vancouver, Canada
Leadership in Heathcare/Community Support Worker Feb, 20
Sumpuran Singh Michon Enschede, Netherlands
Experienced print/web designer, editor, marketeer Feb, 11
Hari Shabd Kaur Gig Harbor, Washington
Nonprofit, social media, marketing, event production, kirtan, television, education. Feb, 06
Francoise McDougall United States
Experienced, well rounded Nurse Jan, 27