Annual Gathering of European Khalsa at the Baisakhi Celebration

Guru Ram Das Aquarian Academy
Boizenburg/Germany, April 13 – 17, 2017
(Easter weekend)

Sat Nam Sikhs, Yogis and people of love!

Let`s rejoice, chant and vibrate the Shabd Guru.
Spring has come, the season of Baisakhi. Winter is gone.
Let`s get together in the joyful rememberance of our great legacy.
Guru is the energy that wakes us up. It is alive inside of all of us, to guide us on our paths.

It will be our honour and our great pleasure to welcome you to an Immersion Class to plunge into Khalsa Consciousness with Sat Kirin Kaur and other teachers in the mornings, an Akhand Paath (continuous Reading of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib within 72 to 80 hours), Sikh Vows and an Amrit Ceremony on Sunday and Sacred Chanting, Gurbani Kirtan, Kundalini Yoga, Aquarian Sadhana and Gurdwara Service throughout the whole weekend.

On Friday afternoon there will be a meeting of the German ‚ ‘AG Sikh Dharma’ in 3HO.

On Saturday afternoon there will be meetings of European Khalsa Council.


THU April 13  Arrival (from afternoon)
Evening Meditation

FRI April 14  Aquarian Sadhana
Beginning of Akhand Paath
Khalsa Training with Sat Kirin Kaur, USA

SAT April 15  Aquarian Sadhana
Khalsa Training with Sat Kirin Kaur (morning)
AG Sikh Dharma Germany Meeting (afternoon)

SUN April 16  Aquarian Sadhana
Khalsa Training with Sat Kirin Kaur, USA (morning)
European Khalsa Council meeting

MON April 17  Amrit Ceremony (early morning)
Khalsa Training with Sat Kirin Kaur, USA (morning)
End of Akhand Paath/Bhog Ceremony in Gurdwara

…& Langar, Family Time, Relaxation, Walks in Nature,…

Event, Meals & Tuition based on Donation.
Accomodation at Hostels, B&Bs & Hotels needs to be booked seperately.


Whoever is not participating in the meetings is welcome to have a walk, do seva at the academy or at Guru Ram Das Ashram, offer or participate in classes, chanting together or whatever comes up.

We will try to provide everyone with whatever type of accomodation suits them and their financial situation (hotels, family run bed & breakfasts, hostels, ashrams). There will be a free, donation based,

Langar 3 times a day and we`ll organize cost sharing for our travel costs.
Please register as soon as possible here.

Contact & Info Gurudev Kaur:


Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa – Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh.

Sat Nam
Sat Hari Singh & Team