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Sat Nam Fest West

April 10 - April 14

Sat Nam Fest was born out of the inspired dream to want to bring people together in happy, healthy, holy harmony…with the intent to dive deep, expand, explore, elevate and celebrate through sacred mantra music, kundalini yoga, meditation, sadhana, soul inspiring workshops, community meal time and more.  Many have said this festival is life changing, transformative and profoundly purposeful.  Others have said their hearts have never been opened so wide.  We’ll let you decide.  Come join us to experience for yourself this bountiful, blissful, beautiful experience we call Sat Nam Fest.  It’s like a soul family reunion!  Come home to your heart!


Kirtan at Gurdwara (Sikh Services)

As part of morning Sadhana (spiritual practice), we join together in the “House of the Guru” to sing the praises of the Infinite and connect to our divine self. The Sikh form of worship is through the Shabad Guru, the Divine Sound Current, the eternal vibration of wisdom, which breaks through illusion and gets us to our core. Each morning  we will sing Gurbani Kirtan and sacred songs, will be led in the recitation of a Prayer (Ardas), and hear a daily Passage (Hukam) from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, which will offer guidance for our day.  Different musicians sing each day.


Numerous SDI community members, who are also teachers and ministers, share the inspiration of our beloved teachings through classes and music at this event; below is a sampling of some of them.


Connecting with the Guru

Teacher: Sada Bahar Kaur 

One of the great blessings of Sat Nam Fest is coming together for morning Sadhana and Gurdwara, where Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma overlap to form a beautiful experience of sound and devotion to inner truth. In this class we will familiarize ourselves with the Gurdwara (the Gate to the Guru), the Shabad Guru and the Path of Sikh Dharma.  Bring your thoughts and questions for discussion.



Developing a Daily Sadhana Practice

Teacher:  Satwant Singh

An inspiring workshop geared both to students new to the practice of morning Sadhana and veterans looking to strengthen their morning discipline. This class will feature a brief audio lecture from the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, on the reasons for and benefits of doing Sadhana. We’ll learn how to wake up and how to keep up from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan along with meditations and techniques to keep ourselves motivated and inspired.




Being Guided by Life Through Your Light Bodies

Teacher:  Guru Singh

Guru Singh will lead this workshop in mantra, mudra, asanas, pranayams and kriyas to develop a powerful relationship with the light bodies. These are the subtle bodies that Yogi Bhajan taught us to use for connecting to our highest destiny and most successful life on Earth. This workshop will combine great depth as well as liveliness to achieve the full experience.




Life without Challenge Doesn’t Exist

Teacher:  Krisha Kaur

We have been raised in the Kundalini Yoga Lifestyle to embrace difficulty with a smile. Yogi Bhajan says, “qualify yourself”.  Qualify that you are part of God and God is part of you.  And, remember, the Divine always gives challenges at the time a quantum leap in spiritual growth is ready to unfold. Yet, the issues taking place these days for many have been quite troubling and perhaps even a bit scary. Which means it is a time to reorganize our neurological system, clear subconscious patterns, and invigorate our intuitive awareness. The scriptures tell us to “see the faults in others, then un-see them”. We want to see the play within the play, step out of duality, and find ‘Shunia’. That is the focus of this workshop. Achieving Noble Stillness! Grace under fire!



Calmness, Contentment & the Comfortable Seat

Teacher: Simran & GuruPrem

Your body organizes your brain to give your mind its interaction with the world.  Come find what a Flexible Spine, Open Hips & Correct Alignment will do for your Mind, Meditation & Movement.

Understand:  The difference between a calm exterior & a calm interior and your patterns that keep you from true comfort
Learn:  Ways to unlock your body’s tension, retrain your breath & free your mind so you can manifest your true destiny!


Path of the Spiritual Warrior

Teacher: Gurujodha Singh 

This three-part workshop is a practical exploration of approaching life as a yogi, spiritual seeker, and warrior. Combining Kundalini Yoga, meditation and martial arts, Gurujodha S. Khalsa shares tools and technology for fostering peace in every environment.

If there is disharmony or violence of thought, word or deed, it is the duty of the Spiritual Warrior to neutralize violence, protect and preserve life and re-establish harmony, balance and peace through thoughts, words and action. Such responsiveness requires training and skill.

In this workshop, Gurujodha focuses on the three stages of violence neutralization: Thought, word, and deed through the lens of applied Kundalini Yoga and meditation. This will be followed by a hands on (literally) study and application of violence neutralization techniques based upon joint locks and pressure points.

Gurujodha S. Khalsa is a Sixth degree black belt Instructor of Kenpo Karate and a Kundalini Yoga teacher. He was a member of Yogi Bhajan’s personal security team for many years. He is the originator of a self-defense system entitled The Spiritual Warrior Training System. With a light heart and a fierce spirit, he integrates the philosophies of Kundalini Yoga with a variety of martial arts systems as a foundation for a warrior’s approach to life and peace.


April 10
April 14
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