Giving Tuesday

“By giving from the heart, we reconnect to that source, elevating our soul
and fulfilling our destiny.” ~ Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan


At Sikh Dharma International, we are grateful to you for all that you do to inspire consciousness and grace in this world. We are grateful for your support of our organization, which is the life force of our work and outreach. In gratitude, we are blessed to use this Giving Tuesday as inspiration to give back to you, our global family.

The audio file (Shabad for Prosperity: DITHAY SABHAY THAAV) below was created by Pritpal Singh, and is our gift to you, our beloved subscribers, to help promote prosperous, joyous living! We hope you enjoy this powerful shabad and that it brings countless blessings to you in the New Year!

Also, below you will find Sikh Dharma International’s recently published 2017 year end report to learn more about our programs and services that are made possible by all of our donors.

Thank you and many blessings,

The Sikh Dharma International Team


Our Gift to You!

DITHAY SABHAY THAAV – This Shabad Brings Countless Blessings

Recite this shabad 11 times a day to bring countless blessings and to connect with the powerful energy of the Golden Temple and Guru Ram Das.


Listen and Download the Shabad Here

Audio recording by Pritpal Singh

Our Gift to You


Mantra: Translation:
Dithay Sabhay Thaav, Nahee Tudh Jayhi-aa
Badhou Purakh Bidhatay, Taa too sohi-aa
Vasdee Saghan Apaar, Anoop Ramdas Pur
Harihaa Nanak Kasmal, Jaahi Nai-ai Ramdas Sar
I have seen all places, but none can compare to You
The Primal Creator, Architect of Destiny, has established You thus You are adorned and embellished
Ramdsapur is Prosperous and full of life, and incomparably beautiful.
O Creator! Bathing in the Sacred Pool of Raam Daas, the sins are washed away, O Nanak