Global Sadhana: Caring for Earth in Honor of Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday

40 Day Global Sadhana

Caring for Mother Earth

August 26th – October 4th 2019


In celebration of Yogi Bhajan’s life and legacy, we honor a major theme that he shared throughout his life: Caring for Mother Earth.

“Earth – the Sustainer, the mother of you, which nurtures you—can you serve it back? ~ Yogi Bhajan, July 23, 1996

40 Day Global Sadhana

We would like to invite the global community to participate in a 40 day sadhana of 11 recitations of a prayer for Mother Earth each day.

Download Gaia Shabad by Sat Purkh at:


Prayer for Mother Earth – Kalmal Ho-ee Maydnee

By Guru Amar Das Ji: Shabad for Corn-Grain and Rain

Kalmal ho-ee maydnee ardaas karay liv laa-ay.

Sachai suni-aa kann day Dheerak dayvai sahj subhaa-ay.

Indrai no furmaa-i-aa vuthaa chhahbar laa-ay.

An Dhan upjai baho ghanaa keemat kahan na jaa-ay.

Naanak naam salaahi too sabhnaa jee-aa daydaa rijak sambaahi.

Jit khaaDhai sukh oopjai fir dookh na laagai aa-ay.

When the earth is in distress, it attunes itself with love and sends out a prayer.

The True One hears it, and with total ease is pleased to give Its strength and steadiness.

It sends a command to the Power of Rain, and the rain pours down in torrents.

The wealth of grain and corn grows thick.

A person cannot describe its value.

Oh Naanak, appreciate the Divine Identity.

You, Divine One, cause the life-giving food to be given to all the creatures.

Eating this, peace grows, and the cycle of pain comes no more.


“The Universe is asking you to confirm with yourself  whether you would like to serve the Earth, to save the Earth, be the sage of the Earth.”

–  Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan – July 23, 1996

In addition to the prayer for Mother Earth, we also invite you to make changes to help reduce our impact upon the planet.  Together our action creates change and makes a difference! 







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