Happy Birthday Guru HarKrishan Ji


Guru Har Krishan is the eighth Sikh Guru.  He was born at Kiratpur, India. His father was Guru Har Rai and his mother was Mata Krishan Kaur.  He became Guru at the age of five.

When the Guruship passed to such a young child of five, there were some in the community who could not believe that a little boy could truly be Guru. One such person, Lal Chand, challenged Guru Har Krishan to debate the meaning of scripture.  In response, Guru Har Krishan requested that Lal Chand go and find someone from the village to speak on the Guru’s behalf. Lal Chand searched the town and brought a deaf, mute and illiterate water-carrier, Chhaju Ram, to speak on the Guru’s behalf.  Guru Har Krishan touched the head of the water carrier with his shoe and suddenly Chhaju Ram became awakened and proceeded to give a simple, but profoundly moving discourse, on the meaning of scripture.  Lal Chand begged for forgiveness from Guru Har Kirshan and the community fully accepted the child as Guru.

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When Guru Har Krishan was eight years old, there was an epidemic of small pox in Delhi. Guru Har Krishan went to the place where the outbreak had occurred and through his blessing, a spring of sacred water appeared that could heal the people of the illness. He took on the suffering and sickness of the area, taking on the small pox himself – giving his life to help save the lives of others.

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