Introducing Sikh Dharma 101 – A New Online Course

Sign up today for our online “self-study” course for Sikh Dharma beginners – Sikh Dharma 101! 

We have developed an online “self-study” course offering an introductory-level overview of the Sikh Dharma path for those seeking a deeper understanding of the question “What is a Sikh?”

This is a great course of study for Sikh Dharma beginners – yoga students, interfaith groups, family members and others, who are interested in exploring the path of Sikh Dharma and want to learn more about Sikhs and the Sikh way of life.

New lessons will be rolled out weekly on many varied topics including:

  • What is a Sikh?
  • Sikh Beliefs
  • Sikh Practices
  • The Ten Gurus
  • Sikh Saints
  • The Siri Guru Granth Sahib
  • The 5Ks
  • Women in Sikh History
  • And more!
Sign up today to learn about the beautiful and unique path of Sikh Dharma! After signing up, you will receive one new lesson per week for the next 8 months as each topic is rolled out!


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