JAA TOO MAYRAI VAL HAI – This Shabad brings prosperity and wealth; it brings security and alleviates fears.

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Raag Maaroo – Guru Arjan Dev Ji – Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang 1096


Jaa Too Merai Val Hai Taa Kiaa Muhachhandhaa ||

When You are on my side, Lord, what do I need to worry about?

Tudh Sabh Kichh Maino Saupiaa Jaa Teraa Bandhaa ||

You entrusted everything to me, when I became Your slave.

Lakhamee ToT Na Aave’ee Khaae Kharachi Rahandhaa ||

My wealth is inexhaustible, no matter how much I spend and consume.

Lakh Chauraaseeh Medhanee Sabh Sev Karandhaa ||

The 8.4 million species of beings all work to serve me.

Eh Vairee Mitr Sabhi Keetiaa Neh Mangahi Mandhaa ||

All these enemies have become my friends, and no one wishes me ill.

Lekhaa Koe Na Puchhe’ee Jaa Har Bakhasandhaa ||

No one calls me to account, since God is my forgiver.

Anadh Bhaeiaa Sukh Paaeiaa Mil Gur Govindhaa ||

I have become blissful, and I have found peace, meeting with the Guru, the Lord of the Universe.

Sabhe Kaaj Savaariaai Jaa Tudh Bhaavandhaa ||7||

All my affairs have been resolved, since You are pleased with me. ||7||

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