Japji for the Aquarian Age Courses

Written by Guru Nanak in the 15th Century, in a part of ancient India that is now in Pakistan, Japji Sahib, or the Song of the Soul, was revolutionary during his time.  His message was: “There is no Hindu.  There is no Muslim.  We are all One.”  Today, as we enter the Aquarian Age, these teachings are powerfully relevant. Japji is a message of peace and deep spiritual wisdom. In it, Guru Nanak touches the deepest essence of individual consciousness, elevating one to universal consciousness.

Japji is made up of 40 remarkable pauris (stanzas) where Guru Nanak not only explains the mysteries of the cosmos, but also gives spiritual instruction to achieve the same experience of higher consciousness that he embodied.

Each pauri is conveyed through a unique sound current which has a transforming effect, like a step that takes your soul ever higher on the path of spiritual elevation.

The Japji for the Aquarian Age Course is an opportunity to learn about and experience the subtle power of reciting Japji.

You will learn and improve your pronunciation of these divine sounds and delve into the deeper meaning within each of the 40 pauris.  The course teachers are Kundalini Yogis who have been practicing this technology for decades as part of their daily spiritual practice (Aquarian Sadhana).

Whether this is your first-time hearing about Japji, or you’ve been wanting to know more, or you want to deepen your experience with Japji, this course will give you a precious opportunity to connect with these divine words.

Join us and connect with the song of your soul!

For more information about these courses, please email japjicourse@sikhdharma.org or call (505) 629-1562 x4