As Khalsa, Wearing the Five K’s


In 1699 at the first Amrit Sanchar (ceremony), Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru, bestowed the honor for Sikhs to wear the five articles of faith at all times with a promise that by following the teachings of the Guru and keeping ourselves distinct we would have his undying power and support. The five K’s, along with daily sadhana, support Sikhs to maintain grace, dignity and an attitude of service through all pressures of time and space.

Kara (steel or iron bracelet) symbolizes our connection to the Infinite.

Kanga (wooden comb) keeps the hair tidy, a symbol of accepting what God has given and a commitment to maintain it with grace. The Guru said hair should be allowed to grow naturally.

Kirpan (small sacred sword) reminds a Sikh to always stand for righteousness and readiness to defend truth.

Kachera (cotton undergarment) symbolizes self-respect, chastity and honor in all relationships.

Kesh (uncut hair) recognized as God’s gift giving sensitivity, power and protection. Sikhs keep their hair uncut.

Khalsa is my image

The Khalsa is my Image

Within the Khalsa I reside

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