KirtanXchange in Costa Rica


A letter from Hari Singh from Guru Ram Das (GRD) Nivas in Costa Rica:

Sat Nam and greetings from GRD Nivas, Costa Rica,

By the grace of Guru Ram Das, GRD Nivas, with Yogi Edgar Ortiz of Yoga Mandir in San Jose, Costa Rica, hosted a special full moon event of Kirtan and Kundalini Yoga at his Yoga Mandir studio in San Jose, led by our esteemed teacher Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa and Sat Santokh Singh Khalsa and joined by their son Rishi Parbhat Singh on drums, Don Edgar on harmonium and Roberto on flute.  Rishi Parbhat Singh is stationed here with the Peace Corp.

The event was well attended, as the room was full, with approximately 50 people.  Prabhu Nam Kaur sang and lead chants accompanied by Rishi Parbhat Singh.  Sat Santokh Singh Ji also lead Kundalini Yoga around the theme of shedding guilt.  It was a deeply penetrating and effective event as attested by yours truly and many of the mix of students -mostly from Costa Rica-in attendance.

Many thanks and blessings go out to Yogi Edgar Ortiz, Prabhu Nam Kaur, Sat Santokh Singh, and Rishi Parbhat Singh, as well as the kind and generous support of Sada Bahar Kaur Khalsa, from SDI, whose guidance helped make this event a reality, as we continue our outreach to bring the teachings of our beloved Guru´s and our teacher-The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan to the wonderful folks of Costa Rica and Central America.

Cherdi Kalaa!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Infinite Love, and Blessings,

Hari Singh


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