KirtanXchange in Fresno


It is really nice to get out of San Francisco once in a while and Dharam Singh, Wahe Guru Kaur, Gurusurya Kaur and I were happy to have the opportunity to do just that this past weekend. On Saturday we drove the 3 1/2 hours to Fresno where two men, Avtar Singh and Swaran Singh are starting a Sikh education program for kids of all ages. When we arrived in Fresno the sun was just setting and we were excited to be there, ready for the program. We pulled up to a single floor house with 14 rooms. The entire lot provides lots of space for Langar, outdoor activities, parking, and the possibility of more buildings in the future. Swaran Singh came from India last year and devoted the first 3 months of his time to fixing up the entire house and making its surroundings safe and cozy. This was a great seva as he was the only one living there and really had to work hard to get everything ready.

The night we arrived we had tea and played Gurbani Kirtan in the living room, which is serving as the Gurudwara. Then we ate langar and lounged by an outdoor fire until it was time for bed. The next day we performed the Bhog Ceremony and played and listened to more kirtan by some of the children. During Langar after Gurudwara was over, Avtar Singh told us they would really love to have us come back for a Camp they were planning for the kids. Dharam and I immediately said we would help and the Camp is set to happen March 28-29. We hope to incorporate all of the Sant-Sipahi training we learned and practiced at Miri Piri Academy. God willing, we will continue to serve the Sangat through our new Kirtan Exchange program and enjoy every minute of it!

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