Dashmesh Sadan

Anandpur Sahib is a spiritual city known world-wide as the Home of the Khalsa. Here, the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan built his home, Dashmesh Sadan, in 2000. He spent some very memorable months living and meditating here in the shadow of the ancient Naina Devi mountain. These are the same mountains Guru Gobind Singh looked out over 300 – 350 years ago.

It is a wonderful, lush, historical jungle area, which is set against the hills and rich agricultural landscape.  When you wake up in the early morning, you can hear prayers echoing over the rolling hills from a dozen Gurdwaras and Hindu temples. It is enchanting and an experience of a lifetime.

Set in a rural environment, you are free to explore the beautiful grounds and surroundings or even walk into town.  The Yatra will live in graceful accommodations in the guest houses on the site, four people to a room, complete with cotton bedding and hot-water. We will be served three meals a day here and the food is prepared with the highest standards, ensuring your health and well being. Excellent cooks prepare a delicious vegetarian diet that supports a deep spiritual practice.

It is really true what Siri Singh Sahib Ji said about Anandpur Sahib:

It is the best in the sense that it has the mountains and plains. The air from both meets there – the valley of the crosswinds. There is nothing like it. Guru Gobind Singh Ji chose it. He was not wrong.   So, we built there. Teach a course and see what happens.”

Come and experience it!