As part of this yatra, you will have the opportunity to participate in “Ishnaan”.  The information on this page will bring you more understanding about the meaning, practice and importance of “Ishnaan” to enhance your experience.

There are 2 kinds of “Ishnaan” you can participate in at the Golden Temple.  One is “Ishnaan Seva”, which is where the community comes together to lovingly and devotedly clean their gurdwara (in this case, the Golden Temple and the marble Per Karma- the marble walkway around the nectar tank of holy water).  Gurdwara floors are often marble and so part of the Ishnaan Seva is to wash the floors with water or milk.  At the Golden Temple, water is used to wash the marble floors on the Per Karma and milk is used to wash the floors inside the Golden Temple itself.

The other form of “Ishnaan” is taking a “bath” in a nectar tank of holy water.  A hallowed experience by Sikhs is to take a “sip and dip” in the nectar tank, which is believed to be a blessing from God and a way to cleanse away the karmas of lifetimes.

Read on to hear about the experiences of people who have participated in Ishnaan Seva.