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Light of Guru Nanak Yatra Schedule


The Light of Guru Nanak Yatra will be from Tuesday, November 5th until Sunday, November 17th.You should plan to arrive at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) in New Delhi between 2:00 pm on November 5 and 9:00 am on November 6, 2019 and depart Indira Gandhi International Airport between 9:00 pm on November 16 and 12:00 PM on November 17, 2019.  Before booking your flight, please contact us to confirm that you will be arriving at the best time – or call +1-505-395-6623.  For help with booking the most cost-effective flights, you can contact Ditta Kaur Khalsa at Ideal Viagens –

Arriving in India before the yatra or staying later is always an option.  We will work with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.