We will arrive by deluxe bus to Sultanpur Lodhi by mid-day on November 11th, and we will enjoy lunch and dinner in our exclusive langar tent.  For our two nights in Sultanpur, we will be staying in VIP tents complete with a bathroom and shower with hot running water.  There will be three bunk-beds in each tent, so living will be tight.

The ancient town of Sultanpur Lodhi is enclosed by an old wall that encircles many historical buildings and Gurdwaras.  When we arrive, we will explore the town and visit the holy spots.

November 12th is the main Shatabdi, the day that the birthday celebrations will occur.  We expect tens of thousands of devotees to come to this small village for the celebration and we all must be prepared to stick together and move as a group. It will be very exciting, and nearly overwhelming, as we join the sangat in loving devotion to Guru Nanak Dev ji.  Bottled water will be provided and we will have our meals prepared and served exclusively to our Yatra, observing strict cleanliness so that we maintain our health.  The evening will cap off the Shatabdi with a huge Kirtan Darbar, where our very own Chardi Kala Jatha will play.

On the morning of November 13th, we will eat breakfast and once again board the buses.  Our destination will be the Golden Temple of Amritsar. The traffic in and out of Sultanpur could be very bad, and we will be prepared for slow going.