PROSPERITY MEDITATION – Meditation to Bring Prosperity to Your Life

Prosperity Meditation Part 1

Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan December 26, 1997

“I want to tell you what life is all about. Life has a constant action and reaction that you cannot stop. Your inner anger and your outer fear cannot let you be anything but a reactionary, everlasting nuisance. You do not develop maturity and common ground with everybody in the world.

If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. Everything is God—everything from a stone to a mountain.

So this is the life we have come to deal with. There is a way to prosperity. If the mind is clear, if the subconscious is not blocked, if you unconsciously live a conscious life, you can never be poor. Where there is a magnet, things will fly to it. The mastermind, the Great Mind, knows your needs. You don’t have to yell and scream, “Help, God!” God is inside. He manufactured you. He sent you here. He gave you features and facets. He gave you all the environments you need. You simply do not accept it. I am just explaining it to you.

The fact is, someday, somewhere, just be yourself. Let everything go. That day you will find you are you. Oh God! The very joy of you being you is the most precious joy. It will take away all your suffering. It will take away your pain. You will find you within you—there is nothing more than that.

Look, I found myself within myself, and I found you as a plus. You all came. I came. We have met. We are acting to reach a faculty of life that is consolidated, that is ours. We are reaching for a life that does not give any false hope because it has no lies in it. It does not create a picture or a fantasy that is untrue. It is a life of reality that tells you that you are you. Yet, you don’t want to listen to it.

You have never tried to listen to the fact from your own self that you are you. And you do not understand the fact that you have a very precious, fair life. It has come to you as a gift. Life is demanding. Don’t drift. Be something.

You think that money does everything—that if we have money, we are free? A lot of people meet me. They say, “We have money, we can take care of everything.” What everything? If you have a cold, with $2,000 on your face you can’t get rid of it. Who do you think you are kidding? All the money in the world cannot get rid of heart disease. Tons of money cannot take care of your liver. But daikon radish can.

Money is a medium. It’s not the ultimate solution. Life has to come through the purity of wisdom and the mutuality of relationships. I am me and you are you. Somewhere we have to meet and that mutual ground is called wisdom. Wisdom is when two flexibilities meet and decide a situation. Then there is happiness. But when you push your own buttons, and somebody else pushes their buttons, then there is a war.

So let us meditate (See Meditation to Bring Prosperity to Your Life below) and see if our mind can be cleansed. And if we can reach the state of mind where we can feel something. Why do we meditate? We have one thousand thoughts per wink of the eye. Millions, zillions of thoughts. Out of that, a few become feelings and then feelings become emotions and then emotions become desires. It’s a constant cycle. But we need some space. When the consciousness gets filled with thoughts and desires, it starts unloading from the subconscious. And then you have nightmares. Then you are Mr. Nobody.

You must know you have an unlimited reserve of energy. Once you invoke your energy, there is nothing that is small in you. All the environments start flying towards you. It’s beautiful.

May I know myself to know my Maker. May I know myself to know my universe. May I know myself to know the beauty and bounty and purpose and prosperity of my life. Without personal knowledge there is no knowledge. Without personal knowledge there is no width, height or horizon.

I pray to Thee, oh Lord, as you are within me, to give me tranquility and peace between me and myself so that I can know myself on the way of prosperity. I pray in thy name. Sat Nam.”

Part One

Prosperity Meditation Part 1

POSTURE: Sit in Easy Pose.

MUDRA: Raise the forearm of the right hand as if you were taking an oath. The right hand faces forward at the level of the ear. With the left hand, gently cover the Navel Point. Become a statue.

EYES: The eyes are closed.

BREATH AND FOCUS: Slowly allow your breath to become a little longer, deeper and cooler. By allowing this to happen, you will change your metabolism and your nervous system, and you will be totally different. Focus on the breath—take it as deep as you can. Don’t move except to breathe long and deep. Take the pranic energy down to the last cell of the lungs.

TO END: Relax out of the posture.

TIME: 8 minutes

COMMENTS: Just be you. Be you—calm, quiet, graceful, clean, gracious and self-serving. Be you and be selfish for your own purity and piety. All we want is the result. We’re not trying to find diamonds or gold. We are finding something more precious than that—Self. Find your Self. Find “me” within me.

The Navel Point is the one point in the body that is a point of purity. You survived in your mother because of that point. Here, you touch that point with the left hand and extend the fingers of the right hand up like antenna—they are enough to get all the energy of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury. This posture, in combination with your id, the thumb, will make the connection so that the heavens and the earth—the heavenly father and Mother Nature—are in combination. Together they are willing to purify you if you ask for it. Technically speaking, the calmer you sit, the deeper you breathe, the more you will experience a change you have never felt before. Think only of your Self and the breath. Let the breath of life enrich you. Let it give you a place within yourself where you can see your God—which is keeping you alive. Your soul needs food. It is hungry and it needs you to feed it. The soul’s diet is the prana that comes through the air to enrich you from the inside out. Reach for a moment of happiness. Happiness is when you happily do something. Otherwise, life is a painful curse.

Part Two

Prosperity Meditation Part 2


POSTURE: Continue sitting in Easy Pose.

MUDRA: Bring the hands to the level of the Heart Center. Press the thumb tips and fingertips together, keeping the palms apart. Spread the fingers wide apart and point the thumbs toward the sternum.

BREATH: Whistle with the Ardas Bhaee chant. (You can listen to or purchase this track by clicking HERE)

TIME: 4 ½ minutes

TO END: Inhale deeply and suspend the breath for 15 seconds. Meditate on the thought that you are pure; you are perfect; you are the will of God; you are divine. Exhale. Inhale again and suspend the breath for 15 seconds and create that image of yourself. Exhale. Inhale a third time and hold the breath tight for 15 seconds. Imagine you are a very, very pure person. Purity, piety, grace, bliss—include them all. Exhale.



Part Three

Prosperity Meditation Part 3


POSTURE: Immediately extend the arms straight out to each side at shoulder level, parallel to the ground, with the right palm facing up and the left palm facing down. Keep the arms and hands straight. You may feel a twist in the right elbow. This is a healing posture to be done very exactly.

BREATH: Inhale deeply and suspend the breath for 25 seconds. Close your eyes and feel the heavens and earth are joining within you. Concentrate on your left side and your right side uniting in oneness. Keep the hands straight like an arrow. Cannon fire out through the mouth. Inhale deeply again. Hold tight for 25 seconds. Give yourself a chance to heal yourself totally—in balance with the Universe. In the divine kingdom, be divine. Cannon fire out. Inhale again. Hold tight for 25 seconds. With great kindness to your Self consider, “It is me and my purity that will give me health, wealth and happiness.” Call on it. Exhale and relax.

TIME: 2 minutes

COMMENTS: Yogi Bhajan suggested that you could practice this kriya for up to 62 minutes by dividing the time equally among the three parts. If you extend the times, don’t extend them proportionately, practice each part equally.

You have unlimited reserve energy. When you invoke your energy, there’s nothing that is small in you and all the environments start flying towards you. It’s beautiful. It is a way of life. Become a human. Find your Self within yourself and then see what comes to you. That’s my challenge to you. Just be yourself with everybody. Say, “Hello. Thank you. Can I do something for you?” That’s all it is.”

You see this video lecture at the Library of Teachings click HERE. Click on the orange video icon to open up the video lecture. The mediation instruction starts 29 minutes into the video.

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