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*Note from the Editor:  as part of our “Blast from the Past” series, in honor of 50 years of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan in the West (1969 – 2019), we are featuring Miri Piri Brazil School, which was founded in 2015.  Thank you to Dr. Guru Sangat Kaur Khalsa and all of the dedicated Sangat in Belo Horizonte, who have “kept up” and made this wonderful program a reality.  Wahe Guru!

“Miri Piri has become a vital milieu for families and the community. Over 60% of school students do not come from parents in the Sangat ”

In February 2015, we opened Miri Piri School Brazil, intending to offer academic excellence during the formative years for children of all walks of life. The mission of our school is to keep alive Siri Singh Sahib Ji’s legacy.

The teachings of Sikh Dharma, Kundalini Yoga, and Humanology are what differentiate our curriculum from many other schools and allow the teachers to blend themes which are very important in today’s education, such as conflict resolution, repairing damage, being creative in times of great uncertainty and living a serene and conscious lifestyle. The school teachers are required to be KRI Level One and Level Two (Authentic Relationship and Conscious Communication) certified.


We did not want such a project to be limited to Belo Horizonte.  So, in 2016, we came up with a strategy to create an Aquarian Business Model to replicate the Miri Piri Brazil School System. Today we have 4 schools all over Brazil and this model has proved to be very self-sustainable and successful.


Part of our vision is to make exceptional education accessible to all.  To help achieve this, we have put in place a “sponsorship program”, which helps underprivileged children be able to attend our school. This is a win-win project, since the Sangat can support diversity and inclusion with donations, and the school can provide high-quality education to kids that otherwise would continue to be exposed to poverty and violence.


In 2018, the state government recognized the Miri Piri School Brazil Educational System as an Excellent Educational Model and since then our team has been leading training for the public schools. Our goal is to introduce Humanology into all the public schools in the city of Belo Horizonte, serving 162,000 students and over 22,000 educators.


Miri Piri Brazil School was created as a seva project model and it is now a non-profit organization. It is also a business model, so it can be replicated elsewhere as a profitable school. We consider Miri Piri an educational system without borders.

Our vision for Brazil is to open a Miri Piri School wherever we have a solid KRI Level One Training Program. Our prayer is that the Sangat will uphold it as part of Siri Singh Sahib’s Legacy to the world.

For more information, visit the Miri Piri Brazil School website and visit their Facebook page.



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