Prosperity Meditation – Iccha Kriya

NOTE: There are no breaks or pauses between the parts of this meditation.


Part One

POSTURE: Come into Easy Pose. Sit in this relaxed posture, in tranquility and grace.

MUDRA: Place the hands in your lap, both palms facing down, right hand on top of the left, both palms facing down.

EYES: The eyes are closed.

FOCUS: Start thinking. Just think. And what- ever you think, add, “What am I thinking?” It’s simple and the oldest method of cross- reference thinking. The idea is to realize, “Oh,I am thinking. What am I thinking? I am thinking something. What is that something? ”Then keep going. See where it takes you. As long as your right hand is over your left hand, it works. Keep thinking. Don’t worry, and don’t stop. Keep pursuing the thought. One thought will release another thought, then that thought will release another. See if you can stop somewhere.  3 minutes.

Part Two

Keep your eyes closed. Keep your posture with your hands on the lap. But take your tongue and begin to flick it like a snake, in and out. Keep thinking. Your tongue has nothing to do with you. The snake breathes and cools himself through the tongue. Similarly, your tongue will move. It’s just not split, that’s all. Keep thinking and pursue each thought. Once in a while, at your pleasure, flick your tongue like a snake. The tongue must leave your lips and show up in the air. Don’t pull it all out—but extend it a little. 5 minutes.


Part Three

Continue as in Part Two. Listen to Say Saraswati by Nirinjan Kaur. 7 minutes.

Say Saraswati by Nirinjan Kaur is available to stream on SikhNet’s Gurbani Media Center.


Part Four

Continue listening to the music as in Part Three. Now consciously think about your first fear, your primal fear. In this meditation, just concentrate on one primal fear. It’s between you and you. No one else will know it. It’s very important to keep your eyes closed while you are thinking about your fear. Under no circumstances should you open your eyes.
6 minutes.

TO END: Inhale. Hold tight and move your body in complete circles, like a convulsion. 20 seconds. Exhale.

Inhale again. Hold the breath and move all parts of the body very powerfully—to equalize the energy in every part of the body. 20 seconds. All the organs need the benefits. Exhale.

Inhale again—deeply. Hold tight. This time, don’t spare any part. Move everything— powerfully, strongly, tightly—holding the breath of life inside. You have to go through it for your own health and happiness. 20 seconds. Exhale. Relax for a few minutes.


Part Five

Everything has come to a consolidated zero and now has to be moved. Put on some bhangara or other strong dance rhythms, and move the shoulders, heart, arms and rib cage in rhythm with the music. The rib cage is the main thing. If you can move your body vigorously in this, you can totally heal your physical self.
3 minutes.


COMMENTS: There is a snake called Iccha Naag—it is always a cobra. Iccha Naag is a snake that only has to wish to have things magnetically come to him. What you are doing is called Iccha Kriya. You can magnetically get what you want.

You develop your psyche by your fears. Your fears are what limit you. They cut you out from the totality of life. This exercise is unique and very scientific. If you do it right technically, you will realize something you can’t realize otherwise.

The scientific explanation is that your shushmana, or central nerve, is in the center of your tongue. When you pull on it by moving your tongue in and out, your thoughts come to a purification under its commanding will. If that is developed, you can get anything you want.

There are techniques like this—methodologies and formulas from wise elders—that can totally take you out of all kinds of dangers. It comes down to the basic truth that God is perfect, Omnipresent, Omniscient, whatever you want to call Him. He can’t create anything incomplete. You are complete for the purposes of longitude and latitude, circumstances and confrontation.


A Prosperity Meditation given by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on April 14, 1992
Featured in Success and the Spirit, An Aquarian Path to Abundance, page 162

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  1. why is it so important not to open the eyes? And if one does open your eyes should you start over (either the step or the entire kriya?)

    • Tredou – this is a very intensive meditative practice that depends on you sustaining a very deep inner focus. Keeping your eyes closed is a simple way to help you remain focused. When your eyes are open it is more likely that your focus will get distracted by something or someone within your vision. Therefore, it is emphasized that you need to keep your eyes closed. You do not need to start over if you momentarily open your eyes but as soon as you are aware that you have opened your eyes, close them and re-enter into your deep meditative state. Having a momentary lapse of your focus, like opening your eyes, is common and something to be worked on to bring it under your conscious control.

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