Hari Shabd Kaur

Nonprofit, social media, marketing, event production, kirtan, television, education.
Nonprofit, social media, marketing, event production, kirtan, television, education.

Past work experience includes:
(LinkedIn Here: www.linkedin.com/in/harishabd/)

President at the Free From Diabetes Institute, 2010 – 2012 (Redmond, WA): worked on designing a retreat center for Type 2 diabetics to stay and heal themselves through diet, exercise and lifestyle intervention education. After writing the marketing plan, business plan and curriculum outline for this venture, my business partners were unable to attain capital, so the business was put on hold.

Marketing and Development Director for Wilderness Awareness School, 2007 – 2009  (Duvall, WA): I worked as I learned in this wonderful nonprofit: marketing, public relations, advertising, fund raising, grant writing, special events, donor stewardship, etc. I left this job so that I could travel and home-school my daughter.

Executive Director for Warrior Spirit, 1993 – 2005 (Issaquah, WA): Event production, non-profit management, volunteer management (team of 60+ volunteers worked under my leadership). This was a small nonprofit that held spiritual, transformational weekends for the general public, four times per year. Student count averaged 50-100 per weekend. I was a volunteer ED for 12 years for this organization.

Director of Kids Affairs, Q13 FOX TV, 1990 – 1996 (Seattle, WA). Television writer and producer for children and family specials, on-air host for the Northwest’s airing of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, on-air host for the KCPQ Kids Club, interviewer for numerous guests on weekly show, commercial voice-over work.

Owner at Pure Planet Productions, 1987 – 1992 (Tacoma, WA): We created top of the line, live, educational theatrical and musical productions for children. Theatrical and musical writer, producer, director, and performer. Consultant for municipalities in Washington State as they worked to educate their children about recycling and habitat loss. We wrote and recorded 22 songs for children for these shows. A blast!

I have available, a video compilation of my musical, theatrical and television background.


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Professional Summary

Sat Nam Ji!

I am delighted to say that I worked with Ek Ong Kar Kaur and Ditta Khalsa to set up the original SDI social media site at Ning, am currently in the KY Teacher Training in Seattle with Sada Simran Singh and Guru Singh, and am preparing to take the Superhealth training with Mukta Kaur in Espanola in March. I have a varied background in marketing and public relations as you can see from the resume below and there are numerous recommendations from people I have worked with at LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/harishabd/

Dharmic activities:
KY Teacher Training in Seattle: 2013 (currently).
Superhealth Training in Espanola: March 2014.
Taking classes online at Soul Answer (Siri Gian Kaur) with Amandeep Singh.
Journey to the Heart of Sikh Dharma class with Mata Mandir Kaur.
Singing class with Professor Paramjeet Singh in San Leandro a couple of years ago.
Assisted Sat Kartar Kaur in bringing her concert to Seattle at EastWest Books.
Opened for Snatam Kaur in Seattle, with the kirtan band, Mandali.
Been on the path of the Dharma since 2005, when I first heard Snatam sing…oh my Soul!


Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine

Educational Alliance Partner, Nutrition


Activities: Diabetes Initiative, Food For Life program training, Educational Alliance Partnership training with The Cancer Project, Washington D.C. – October-November, 2011.

Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute

Cardiovascular Health


Activities: Apprenticeship with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Cardiovascular Health Program, Cleveland, OH – September, 2011.

Hallelujah Acres

Health Minister, Nutrition Education


Activities: Health Minister Training, Shelby, NC – August, 2011

Institute for Functional Medicine

Applying Functional Nutrition for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management


Activities: Applying Functional Nutrition for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Conference, Denver, CO – October, 2011.

Cornell University

Plant-Based Nutrition


Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s program of the same name.

Living Light Culinary Arts Institute

Certified Chef, culinary arts, whole foods, raw foods, healthy food, vegan, vegetarian, plant-based diet, health


Living Light Culinary Arts Institute is the world’s premier organic raw vegan chef training school.

Naropa University

Transpersonal Psychology


The Evergreen State College

B.A., Botanical Medicine


Majored in environmental education, and botanical medicine.


Event production, social media, non-profit management, volunteer management (team of 60+), marketing, public relations, fund raising, grant writing, special events, donor stewardship. Music writing,  performance, production. Theatrical writing, performance and production. Health and nutrition education.

I learn quickly and pick up computer and internet skills easily. I can use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, WordPress, Constant Contact, Ning…and am learning Adobe products for digital design. I can learn anything and am a good leader as well as team player.


God and Guru, family, service to humanity, fresh gourmet plant-based food, plant medicine, yoga, nature, deep forests, the dawn chorus, sunrises & sunsets, reading, solitude, and lots of laughter!

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