Nora Vernon

Exoerience as an administrator, hospitals, USEmbassies, UN, private sector HP, DEC,

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Professional Summary

Worked in Mexico City for the major computer companies at that time. Digital Equipment Corporation, Hewlett Packard. Impoered computers into Mexico, programmed in DBase 4/Cobol.
Later in Vienna, Austria worked for the UN as administrative assistant for CSDHA,as liaison between UN New York and UNIDO in Vienna until 1998, when I was sent to Namibia, under the United Nations Transition Assistance Group that went there for one year. For the UN I worked as liaison with non-profits around the world regarding the implementation of rules for the Ineternational Year for Disabled Persons, doing translations, etc. Later I was the administrative assistant for the Center for Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs, which included the Crime & Prevention & Drug Organization, the Women´s Branch, the Office of the Assistant Secretary-General. I was in charge of all personnel being transfered from New York to Vienna, staffing tables, contracts, and all personnel functions. For UNIDO I prepared and manned project dubgets for acccuracy. Prepared forecasts.
Tried to enter at the beginning and realizedt I lost my CV, when the SS put me on Disability. In 2005 I was diagnosed with NHLymphoma. However, I was also diagnosed after I finished my chemo with Sympathetic Reflex Dysfunction. The cancer was cured. And my left side, especially my arm has healed and I don´t seem to have any dysfunction anymore. At the onset of my cancer diagnosis I started doing yoga, I was especially interested in Kundalini. I eventually found a certified teacher in Yucatan. The only certified teacher and I started attending her classes. I then had the good fortune of being able to go to New Mexico and take what they called the Immersion Course for Level I Teachers. It was there that I found my home and the place I had been looking for all my life. It was the Gurdwara and the Sikh Dharma. I am not a teacher. I can teach and I can talk and I certainly can project myself. However my real call is becoming a MInister. Ever since I have devoted every minute alive to learn Gurmukhi, I have read as many books as I can. Victory & Virtue, Heroes, Saints & Yogis, I have visited and been in several Gurdwaras in Virginia and the District of Columbia. I am in Yucatan and have been here, at the beach, where I have a home. I am to be here for a month or until mid-December when my daughter will be in Toronto, Canada undergoing work related training. I will look after my 7 year old granddaughter who is in the second grade in school. Enough about myself.
At UNIDO I read and re-typed project documents, preparaed and revised budgets for projects both DP or United Nations Development Program money or TF trust fund monies donated by coutries. I presented the project documents prepared by UNIDO employees for approval and had to explain why that project was the project to be financed. I left UNIDO in 1991 when I married and came to the US to live. I was never able to create an entity that would follow-up implementation of projects, once they had been implemented. Without follow-up, implementation meant nothing. But, that was my opinion only, although some shared it with me. When I married I went to the Solomon Islands, Honiara the capital (formerly called Tuulagi and the Solomons better known as the Island of Guadalcana; although, there are numerous islands that make up the Solomons, but Tulagi or Guadalcanal were better known. There, my husband was the last Charge DÄffais, as the Embassy, it was closed as soon as we departed. Only 5 countries had representations there. Australia, the US, Japan. Taiwan(which was not and is not yet recognized by the U)S and a representative from the EU, it still was not a Community – when the US left, only 4 remained and Taiwan continued un-recognized by the US. I worked at the Embassy for a while, doing accounting and reporting to Canberra. Hosted the Presidential Delegation and the hundreds of World War II veterans who went to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal. Organized and hosted a dinner for 300 guests. With the help of the US Navy ship present. They cooked and brought most of the food. The Solomons is a volcanic Island and does not grow anything except roots. I also was part of the construction team that worked on the US Nonument. I also worked for a few months at the ICLARM in Honiara. Institute & Centre for Learning, Acquatic and Research Management. They basically bred large clams and sea cucumber for the local people to have something to make a living and as a Research Centre .
After the Solomons my husband was assigned to Washington, DC where I worked for Peat Marwick and for Ernst & Young in their International Departments. Privatizing the former Soviet Union among other things. I translated hundreds of documents and letters from Enlgish to Spanish and vice versa. I prepared power point presentationns in Russian and Portuguese. I then worked for a non-profit trying to get jobs for mexicans in the US.
Between the time my husband was assigned to Montevideo, Uruguay and the time we went to Croatia I spent 9 months in New York City where I worked and participated from beginning to ending in the restructuing of Metropolitan Life Insurance.
It was then after the former Yugoslavia war I traveled with my Husband to Croatia for a year, he was seconded to the UN in Vukovar.
Upon our return and while my husband was attending the War College in Alabama I remained in DC and worked for the non-profit for a while, (accusing US companies that didn´t hire mexicans), Organized the whole place including all their filing system. And then went to work at Georgetown for several years, first with Dr. Sulmasy, Director at the Center for Clinical Bioethics and was part of the Etics Ggroup, spying and wiiting up whatever was heppenning in the hospital as trials made by docs on unknowing patients. That is without their knowledge (of the patients) and their authorization. In the Center for Clinical Bioethics we distributed Advance Directives and tried to institute Ethic Groups in different hospitals
Then I worked for the Head of the Division of Internal Medicine and was basically in-charge of running the department. Instituted the Express General Chek-up or Executive Check-ups for Embassies and Companies, All would be arranged for an amount, begining with Internal Medicine., chest x ray, breakfast, and heart check-up with cardio vascular department. All included. Some of our customers were General Dynamics in the private sector and some foreign Embassies. The Hospital was going bankrupt at that time. It was difficult to keep personnel and I had to beg them to stay on for the meager $8 dollars an hour and beg them to work for 11 or 12 hours for the pay of 8 hours daily as overtime was not allowed.
After this, by the end of 1999 we left for Paris, in the meantime while everything was being finalized to travel I worked for Steptoe & Johnson (Legal offices) for a Partner. I took a half day training in their time recording software . I took shorthand (being called in for shorthand was like entering a sacrifice chambeer) my boss really laughed when I told him how I had felt.

During my stay in Paris, France I worked in the Office of Personnel. I was the only american citizen in that office aside from my boss. I took care of all american personell in Paris, France including all the people working at the Consultate. I also looked after the intern programme. With teenagers traveling to Parisk twice a year. 15 or 20 each time. I had to assign them jobs and placements as well as looking after family members who could work and american citizens in Paris, France. I issued a monthly newsletter through the internet with all he important news for everybody in the Embassy- I looked after every employee in the Embassy including the FSNationals like switchboard employees. I was in charge of the updated material contained in the manuals used by the Officer in charge on weekends. And when nobody could do it I had to do it.

After maybe a year´s or less of a break I worked on a temprary basis for the NIH the AIDS program office with Dr. Sandra Lehrman. Maybe for a year. They also wanted offered me permanent employment and even offered to include my years in Paris and the Solomons Embassy towards my pension. But I was set on traveling to Mexico and having my own business. that was doing or making jewlery and selling coffee. A dolls house I kept. I played like that and was quite successfull until diagnosed with NHL and even 8 months after chemo I finally closed. I had a new granddaughter and wanted to spend my time with her. However, she was not m daughter and i was left with a lot of time for myself. I devoted to my yoga and learning and the rest is the present.


My education may seem meager as I only finished junior hight or secondary school. However, even Georgetown University offered to use my experience working (which was extremely vast) instead of a GED. I obviously can obtain one easily, but easy things leave as easily as they came. I have looked at the exam and believe it is like cheating. Public school programs here in Mexico are even higher than the expectations of a GED exam. So all I have to offer is my experience, my mind, my public relations and my love of life and enthusiasm for honest work.


Completely bilinguall in English and spanish. Speak, read and write German. 4 years of Arabic at UN.

Have worked with computers all my working life.

Have been described as having excellent interpersonal skills.

Have excellent administrative skills. Able to multitask. Have had to do it all my working life. And at Home.

Very familiar with Microsoft Office and other software.

Experience as software tester.






As for public activities, I don´t have much to say escept what I did while working. Which was mostly public activities.

As the wife of a Diplomat I had to keep doing endless entertaining of Ambassadors and important people.

As a learning Sikh I have helped in the kitchen at the DC Gurdwara both cooking and serving food and collecting dirty dishes.


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