We are honored here at Guru Ram Das Ashram in Millis, MA, USA to share our sadhana with those of you who wish to join us. We do our best to be “online”, LIVE each day.  However, there are times when we are traveling or just not able to broadcast on certain days.

In case we are not live on a particular day, you may choose to participate from our repository of past sadhana recordings. (You can participate any time of the day you wish!). If we are live and you can not hear us or see us because of technical difficulties (wifi is not always perfect and there can be other factors), please email us immediately at info@thekhalsaraj.com, and we will endeavor to check on things and try to rectify the connection, if possible.
We wish you every blessing and good fortune!  The Maha-Mantra of the Aquarian Age is “Keep Up!” – keep going; keep doing your Kundalini Yoga and meditation; keep working to clear your karmas and all His blessings will manifest for you.


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