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Sat Nam!  Warm greetings and blessings to you from Sikh Dharma International.

The word Sikh is derived from the Sanskrit word shishya meaning ‘a learner’ or ‘a student’.  As Sikhs we are all learning how to live to be in the flow of the love of life.  As we pass each day with the blessings of God’s Name and the gift of the Gurus’ words we are gracefully carried along our way. The year 2021 marked another year of making history with the Guru as we came together in various ways, (mostly online still) to elevate our consciousness and uplift our souls through meditating upon, studying and practicing the Guru’s teachings. In this we are truly blessed.

Here are just some of the ways that we served and came together as a Sikh Dharma International community and relished the Guru’s teachings in our lives.