Sikh Dharma International has commissioned a special sword honoring the life and legacy of the 10th Master, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This sword will be presented at the 350th anniversary celebration of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s birth during the Raj Khalsa Yatra at Takhat Sri Patna Sahib on January 5, 2017.



Taking Our Place in the Legacy of Guru Gobind Singh ji

350 years ago, a magnificent soul was incarnated on the earth in the small village of Patna in far eastern India.  The day Guru Gobind Singh ji took birth, the angels in the ethers cried “Jai! Jai!” in celebration as spring dawned on all spiritual people.  The Guru tells us in his own words, “I took birth to defeat the tyrants and protect the saintly people.”  Guru Gobind Singh began an era on this planet where religious tolerance was a human virtue and religious freedom became a human right. The era is still unfolding today.  To celebrate this astounding event, the people of Sikh Dharma will travel to India in December and January.

Guru Gobind Singh related to swords and other weapons as a manifestation of the sacred power of God, only to be used consciously and without anger in the face of tyranny. The Guru’s disciples often gave him gifts of weaponry, and this is our chance to join that sacred tradition.

SDI has commissioned Master Sword Maker, Jot Singh Khalsa to create the “Sword of Raj Khalsa” which will be presented to Takhat Patna Sahib at the 350th anniversary celebration of Guru Gobind Singh’s birth.  The Sword of Raj Khalsa will feature a pure silver handle encrusted with diamonds and scabbard fittings accented with solid 18k gold panels. Lapis lazuli gemstones will embellish the entire masterpiece. Rich symbolism, such as the Ek Ongkar and Adi Shakti, will be featured in 24k gold overlay on a blade of stainless, Damascus steel.  Two open panels on the blade will be inscribed in both Gurmukhi and English and feature poetry by Guru Gobind Singh.

Sikh Dharma will present this sword and take our place in the continuing legacy of Guru Gobind Singh ji.  Join us and take this opportunity to give this gift to the Guru.  Help make this gift a reality by contributing today.


The Sword of Baisakhi ’99

Historical Note

The Sword of Raj Khalsa will join a long line of gifts which have been given by the Sikh Dharma Community to the Guru at significant gurdwaras in India on numerous historical occasions.  Here are a couple of them:

The “Sword of Baisakhi ’99” (pictured to the left) is a beautiful, jewel-encrusted sword given at Takhat Keshghar Sahib on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the formation of Khalsa in 1999.  To this day, that sword remains on display in Anandpur Sahib as a dramatic manifestation of love from the Siri Singh Sahib ji and all of us at Sikh Dharma.  Find out more about this sword.


Kalgi Turban Jewel

In 2008, in honor of the 300th celebration of Guru Gaddi and to commemorate the establishment of the Khalsa in the West, Sikh Dharma International presented a Kalgi crown jewel turban decoration called “The Spirit of the Khalsa” to Takhat Hazur Sahib in Nanded, India. Read more about this event.

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