Arrive from Amritsar on January 2nd.  Leave for Delhi on January 6th.

On the Raj Khalsa Yatra, you will have the opportunity to visit this holy place and partake in the exuberant celebration activities which will be taking place there.  It is hard to find words to describe the impact Guru Gobind Singh has had on Sikh history and what he means to so many Sikhs around the world.  He truly embodied the meaning of soldier/saint and therefore, you can expect the celebrations in Patna Sahib to be enthusiastic and joyous!  He is considered the Master of the Radiant Body and this yatra will focus on developing and expanding our radiant body.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the 10th Sikh Guru, was born in Patna on December 22, 1666 and spent his early childhood there.  Marking the place of Guru Gobind Singh’s birth, there is a sacred place, a holy Shrine called Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib, which is now deemed one of the holiest of five Takhts (seats of the Sikh authority).

As far as the details about the huge celebration being planned to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh’s birth, the specifics are not readily available yet (“just now coming”!).  We will update the information here as it is officially released.

Read on to find information, history and inspiration about Patna Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh.