Shabad Guru Subscription Series

Do you love listening to Gurbani and immersing yourself in the meditative practice of Shabad Guru recitation? If so, this subscription is for you!

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If you’d like more opportunities to listen to the Guru’s words, we invite you to sign up for our 7-day mini-subscriptions!

As Gurpurb celebrations occur during the coming months, we will share a Shabad or Bani and beautiful musical recordings each day for the week leading up to them, to build a beautiful energy and immerse ourselves in the Naad to more deeply experience these blissful occasions.

Last year, we did this for Guru Nanak and Guru Ram Das’ birthdays. This year, we are planning to share Shabad Guru content leading up to Guru Arjan’s Birthday, Guru Amar Das’s Birthday, and other Gurpurbs. 

Here’s how to participate

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Wahe Guru!  Love and Blessings to All

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