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Do you love listening to Gurbani and immersing yourself in the meditative practice of Shabad Guru recitation? If so, this subscription is for you! In 2022, we will be presenting a journey into the heart of the Shabad Guru, with an exploration of key concepts and live events to deepen our experience of this beautiful practice! 

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From January – June of 2022, we will be delving into various core concepts of Shabad Guru and offering written content as well as live events and workshops to deepen our understanding of these foundational practices underlying the experience of Shabad Guru.

  • January: Introduction – What is Shabad Guru? 
  • February: The Concepts of Jaap (Recitation) and Bhajan (Creating a Vibration through Devotional Singing) 
  • March: Sunni-ai – Listening from the Soul 
  • April: Dhyaan (Meditation) as Pathway to Pratyahar (Mind-God Synchronicity) 
  • May: Contemplation of the Infinite and Vibrational Remembrance through Veechar and Simran
  • June: States of Being Found through Shabad Guru Practice (Brahm Gyani, Jiwan Mukta and Sant-Sipahi) 
In addition, we will offer opportunities to listen to and recite beautiful Shabads or Banis leading up Gurpurbs, in order to build a beautiful energy and immerse ourselves in the Naad, to more deeply experience the bliss of Shabad Guru.
Please join us for a year of learning about and experiencing the blessing of our Beloved Guru!

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Wahe Guru!  Love and Blessings to All

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