Sikhs Feed People During COVID

Guru Amar Das, the third Sikh Guru, strengthened and promoted the tradition of Guru ka Langar. He proclaimed that no one would be allowed into his presence until that person had eaten langar in the Guru’s kitchen, providing sustenance for all and reminding everyone that no one is higher or lower than anyone else.

In honor of Guru Amar Das’s upcoming birthday on May 23, we are raising funds for those living Guru Amar Das’s example in today’s world by feeding those in need during the COVID crisis.

Sikh Dharma International has been incredibly inspired by our brothers and sisters across the U.S. and around the world who have been feeding those in need during the time of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

During the coronavirus pandemic, more people than ever need food. Our Sikhs Feed People program is supporting the organizations below, and others, who have stepped up to do this vital seva during this time of global crisis.

Sikhs Feed People focuses on this central tenet of the Sikh Dharma lifestyle, which is to feed people and promote equality through Langar, free kitchens, free meals, food pantries and other food programs. We bring awareness and financial support to programs all over the world where people consistently bring sustenance to the less fortunate in their local communities.

Your donations will go directly to grants that fund free meal programs like these, serving people during COVID, that are being sponsored around the world. Donate today!

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Or, donate directly to any or all of the incredible efforts below if you feel inspired!


Riverside Gurdwara Sikh Community (California)

Several weeks after social distancing guidelines were put in effect, the Riverside Gurdwara community began providing hot to-go meals, masks and groceries to community members. Now Riverside Gurdwara and the United Sikh Mission have been providing 1,400 vegetarian to-go meals with drive-through meal service every day. They continue to provide free masks and free groceries on the weekends. They also deliver meals to local hospitals and seniors.

To donate to this effort, make a donation to our Sikhs Feed People Fund and mention that you would like your donation to go to the Riverside Gurdwara Sikh Community.

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SevaTruck (Washington D.C.)

“SevaTruck has increased our activity in wake of COVID-19. Before COVD, we were typically serving three days a week. Now we are serving food every day. We changed our model early on in the crisis, and began creating grab-and-go meals with social distancing used in the pick-up lines. We are using our former serving sites as distribution sites. We served 5,000 meals in the first month of the crisis, and at this rate we are on target to serve twice as many meals in 2020 as we did in 2019. The need right now is greater than it’s ever been in the last four years since we started this program, and we’re doing our best to do our part.” Sonny Kakar (SevaTruck Founder)

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Duwara Consciousness Foundation (California)

“During this time of COVID, we have never been busier. We’re serving over 400 plant-based burritos every weekday in downtown San Diego. We have established a network across San Diego where volunteers from across the city come to the Duwara Consciousness Foundation food trailer and pick up burritos (from 30 to 200 per individual/group) and take them to their constituents. They serve the unsheltered, seniors, low-income and anyone else that needs food. This is done Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. on. All donations are needed.” – Davinder Singh (Duwara Consciousness Foundation Co-Founder)

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Khalsa Care Foundation (California)

Khalsa Care Foundation, in Pacoima, California, is conducting drive-through meal services to go during the COVID emergency in partnership with the office of Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. This provides community members in need, the chance to get a hot vegetarian meal during uncertain and frightening times. They are typically serving between 1,000 – 3,000 meals every Friday. They are also delivering meals to local hospitals, disability centers, and homeless shelters. Their regular food pantry is continuing to provide 300 bags for families every Friday.

To donate to this effort, make a donation to our Sikhs Feed People Fund and mention that you would like your donation to go to the Khalsa Care Foundation.

Click Here to Learn More about the Khalsa Care Foundation 


Food 4 Kids (New Mexico)


Food 4 Kids is continuing to provide food to over 200 children and their families during the COVID crisis. The decision to close public schools ended the program’s distribution system, but some of the schools have continued to work with Food 4 Kids to get food to students in need and their families by using bus routes to deliver meals and the Food 4 Kids snack bags. Food 4 Kids is also providing groceries to children and their families in need in northern New Mexico. “People were hungry [here] before this, and now it is exacerbated greatly.” – Santa Fe New Mexican 

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Do you know of food programs operating in your community during COVID?

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  1. This programme is doing good all over the world, doesn’t matter what religion you are, and there is no cast and cread, in Nottingham there is an Organisation which helps the homeless and the name is Guru Nanak Mission, they have also been delivering food to the vunrable, and also it is a great group it’s a very big family, it gets stronger day by day, they make food at the Gurdwara ( Vegetarian) food, like Pasta, Paw Baji, and Dal and rice and many other dishes, like one sweet, like Sweet Pudding ( Kear, Custard and Bananas, Banoff etc,) it is all made by volunteers. I thank Wahaguru for this service, which has been going strong for about 6 years. Would also like to let you know that the Gurdwara’s in Southall are doing a great things, like making different dishes and serving the community
    The Nottingham Group has been working before Covid.

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