The Sword of Raj Khalsa

Jot Singh Khalsa, Master Sword Maker and Jewelry Maker, shares his experience of the Raj Khalsa Yatra.

It was my good fortune to have been requested to make a special sword, that was presented in Patna India honoring the 350th birth anniversary of one of humanity’s most revered and respected humanitarians, the 10th Master of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh.

The blessings and privilege that I felt throughout my process of looking after this sword in its entirety – and then doing some of the final assembly, finishing and delivery – were profound.

Sikh Dharma International and generous donors took care of expenses and it was my honor to do the rest as seva (selfless service​).

Click here to see images of the Sword of Raj Khalsa

Because of tyrannical religious oppression in India back in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s, Guru Gobind Singh was forced to ‘take up the sword’ and other weapons of the times, leading his followers into numerous battles trying to uphold honor, justice and fairness for all. He left us a sacred legacy, which was reiterated in many ways by our beloved teacher, the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan.  This legacy is shared throughout Guru Nanak’s Japji Sahib, that to live as a Saint-Soldier, and a protector of the weak and innocent, is one of life’s highest incarnations’.

For 45 years now I’ve been fortunate to follow the path of a Gurusikh, Kundalini Yogi and martial artist. I’m grateful I continue to learn lessons to be the best I can be. One of my prayers going on this Yatra (spiritual journey) was that by immersing myself in two of the locations where Guru Gobind Singh spent quite bit of time (after Patna Sahib, I went to Anandpur Sahib to check on a sword we brought with Yogiji back in ’99, which I had forged, fabricated and embellished with a team of other master artisans), that I would drop any remaining fear that I had in my life. For the last 45 years, I’ve been reflecting and meditating on my own fear and leaving it all behind, by the grace of the One.

The Raj Khalsa Yatra was a very powerful and elevating trip and not without challenges. Our beloved Yogiji used to say things like, ‘I eat challenge for breakfast, tragedy for lunch and calamity for dinner’. I’m very grateful that I felt called to go on this yatra, as there were blessings at every turn.

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Singh Sahib Jot Singh Khalsa


For decades, Jot Singh has crafted beautiful, intricately designed swords, kirpans and jewelry.  He is known for his artistry and unique designs.  Visit Khalsa Kirpans to see his knives and swords and the Khalsa Raj collection for his jewelry.  Here are some photos of the Sword of Raj Khalsa.

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