The 10 Laws of Prosperity


1. The Law of Pure Potentiality ~ Anything is possible, vast, unlimited.

You must be willing to know that anything is possible. This often entails work on belief-systems, negative thoughts and other sub-conscious layers which can impede the journey to prosperity.




projection12. The Law of Projection ~ One must ask and have clarity and vision of the goal in order to receive.

It is necessary to have clarity. “I don’t want to live like this,” is not explicit enough. Describe how you want to live, the energy you want to have around you, how you want to feel.


money-tree-clipart-yioeBr5RT3. The Law of Containment ~ Create a structure to hold the flow of prosperity.

Step up to the plate and deal with your finances. If you are in debt, make a plan and eradiate it from your life. Create savings accounts, retirement accounts and other savings programs to fulfill your needs.






attracting-bees-in-the-garden4. The Law of Attraction ~  The mind is a magnet.

What you think IS. The Universe fulfills what It hears. If you are constantly saying, “I have no money,” the Universe will comply. Your mind is the magnet. Think “gratitude” for everything. Be aware of what

you have.


child-praying-305x1715. The Law of Prayer ~ Be clear about the intention.

Reinforce your projection through prayer. Hold your intention through prayer. Never limit your prayers. Say, “This or better, Dear God, by Thy Grace.”



trust or faith6. The Law of Faith ~ It already exists, and it’s already written, just see it now.

In truth, it is already there. You need only to allow it. Know that your needs are covered. Know that your intentions will manifest. Know that success is imminent. Give 10% to the Unknown, and it returns to you.



poweroften-300x1877. The Law of Tithing ~ Give 10% to Your Spiritual Source and receive ten fold blessings in return.

Give your tenth. God gives you 100% and allows you to keep 90%, 10% must always be returned freely. It is not about knowing where it goes or what it does, it is about giving back and trusting in the Universe to give you back the blessings that you need.



law of receiving -gratitude8. The Law of Receiving ~ Create the space to receive the blessing of gifts.

Think outside the box. Your gifts may not be in the form you expect them in, but God’s array of blessings is vast and endless. If it is not your paycheck, it may be a bonus. If it is not a cash gift, it may be a reduced bill.



magnification19. The Law of Magnification ~ Understand the principles of increasing exponentially.

Every time you give money, bless it, bless where it is going, bless where it may land and remind yourself that it is leaving so that your prosperity may be increased 10 times, 100 times or more.



patience10. The Law of Patience ~ Trust. Wait, let the hand of God work for you.

Trust. Wait, and let the hand of God work for you. Let the Hand of God work for you. Trust. Wait. Wait. Trust.

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