The Universal Gift: About Guru Nanak And My Experience With Japji Sahib


I was living on the south coast of Chile and building my home in a beautiful place where the river and the ocean join together and where we are surrounded by forest, rain and rainbows. My teacher gave me a tape with the words “Japji Sahib” written on top. Now I understand the power of that gift, because it was the beginning of my Journey on this Spiritual Path that changed my life.

When I first listened to the sound current, the rhythm, the voice and the intonation, immediately I felt a coziness and familiarity. I was especially focused on the recitation of the 28th and 29th Paurees …the repetition of these lines stayed in my mind throughout the day.

When I attended my first Aquarian Sadhana and the sound current flowed through my mouth when repeating Japji Sahib, it wasn’t so easy, but the vibration allowed me to open my heart and immerse myself in the experience instead of thinking of what I was doing. At first, I was worried that because of my poor pronunciation, the effects of the Naad would not be complete. But someone told me that the devotion we put into our practice is the key. Years afterwards, I had the blessing of studying Gurmukhi and experienced new levels and dimensions in my practice. We recited Japji Sahib eleven times and the energy felt so light and elevated… We are so blessed that we can recite the same vibration that the Guru created with his mouth. This is a timeless technology that works throughout the ages and it is available for everyone. That is the preciousness of Sikh Dharma.

In these super busy and strange times, the message of Guru Nanak deepens the understanding of compassion, equality and reality. If we ignite our own candle, we start creating a chain reaction that benefits everyone around us. It is so inspiring that Guru Nanak stood up and lived up to his commitment to change the world and the vibration of the humanity. Reciting Japji Sahib helps me recreate the Primal Power inside me: to have the strength, the love and the vision to transform myself and my surroundings.


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Sat Bachan Kaur

has lived as a Sikh since 2006 in Valdivia, Chile. She is blessed to be raising two children on this spiritual path, actively contributing to the development of Sikh Dharma Chile and the first Akhand Paaths held in Chile. She deeply vibrates with the technology of the Shabad Guru and Banis.

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