Adi Shakti

The “Adi Shakti” is the primal power, or the infinite energy that is the Grace of God, source and protection of all creation.

The two outer swords (Kirpans) of the Adi Shakti represent the power of “Miri” and “Piri” – Soldierhood and Sainthood, or the energies of “Shakti” (power) and “Bhakti” (devotion).

Once these qualities merge, the Kundalini energy rises as the radiance of the “Khanda,” the double-edged sword in the middle. The risen energy, or the consciousness of the soldier-saint, creates a halo (or aura) of light, as represented by the inner circle.

The inner circle also represents the world, and the two outer swords, the protection of the Grace of God around the world. The double edged sword in the middle represents the path of Truth and Righteousness, on which you can neither veer left or right.

~Resource:  Living Reality (1994) by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa.