What is Conscious Communication?

What is Conscious Communication?

The word of us as humans binds us to one another so we need to be as precise and as impactful as possible. The less we speak, the better. Through speaking, we are re-lay-ting to one another. It is a relay of two people or more. That is what a relay-tionship is, the relating of two human beings. Through our words, we can either create heaven on earth or hell on earth. The word has its own psyche and potential, like a seed.

Not only are we communicating with our word, but we are also communicating with our gestures, our tones and our energy. What do you really mean?

When you realize the power of your own word, you will begin to speak from a state of presence and you will relate to others in a compassionate and in a harmonious way.

Each day, you communicate with countless people; your partner, your friends, your boss, and your family, among others. Those with whom you’re surrounded are doubtless important to you in a myriad of ways. And yet, many of us make the grave mistake of failing to communicate with them on a conscious level. Instead, we speak without thinking, utter words in anger or pain, and say things that we ourselves do not believe.

While you may not be able to take back the things you have said, you have complete control over your future choices.

According to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the word is God and — in turn — God is the word. When you speak aloud, you become the words that you say. Put simply, they are instantaneously a part of you and your being.

Practicing conscious communication is about standing behind the words that we say. Each one must be true, real, and considered. Rather than speaking rashly and allowing our raw emotions to guide our words, we should speak from our souls and be clear in our meaning.

Resources: “Conscious Communication: Activate the Power of Your Communication” (Kundalini Research Institute) and “An Introduction to Conscious Communication in Kundalini Yoga” (Serpentine Yoga).