The Sangat of Buenos Aires sit in meditation.

Meditation is a core practice that many on the Sikh Dharma path perform daily.

Sikhs believe that meditation helps us to develop a clear mind, so that we can see our own Souls and the God within. Meditation is a very simple process. You sit, calm yourself down, and pick a mantra— a sacred sound current to take you to infinity. Then repeat these words. When repeating the mantra, all the dirt of the mind starts flowing out. Cleaning out the mind is the first step, before we can experience bliss. Sikhs believe that practicing meditation is a time for getting out dirt or clogs in our minds. 

Sikhs believe that when we meditate, all garbage, all ambitions, all thoughts, known and unknown, float around in a negative direction, while we keep chanting the mantra in a positive direction. So each negative becomes positive. Eventually the time will come when the mind becomes clear. Within that moment, Sikhs believe that you can see your own soul. In this way practicing meditation cultivates the quality of intuition. 

In the Sikh view, meditation is absolutely personal, between each individual and God.

Sikhs believe that meditation can make the mind become beautiful and strong, and the projection magnetic—allowing things to flow to us.


Resource: Living Reality (1994) by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa.