What it Means to be a Sikh

Wearing a turban and special dress is not the only thing to being a Sikh. That is just the outer form.

A turban crowns you with your own capacity to understand, and you must live in that understanding and become deathless in the face of direct confrontation with death. Being human is the faculty, the base, and the initiation which you can use towards becoming a Sikh.

When you truly become a Sikh, you live as a student of the Infinite Truth, and you become a teacher. Everybody comes to you to learn because your actions become like a lighthouse that gives direction to others.

Whenever a human action is focused and directed to serve and elevate others, divinity is achieved. Otherwise, life is a hassle. A Sikh lives as divine.

You must ask yourself three things:

  1. What is your Raftar? Your depth, dignity, divinity and an attitude in life, space or speed of life.
  2. What is your Guftar? Your communication, your way of conversing, your perception, your ability to listen and understand.
  3. What is your Dastar (Turban)? Your appearance. How you present yourself.

~Resource:  this information was originally shared in the book Living Reality (1994) by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa.