Virtual Akhand Path Opportunities!

Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Gurdwara

Two of our Global Sangats have regular virtual Akhand Paths online.  You can read from home by signing up to read in either of these virtual Akhand Paths.

  1. Hacienda de Guru Ram Das (HGRD) in Espanola, New Mexico hosts a weekly virtual Akhand Path
  2. Guru Ram Das Ashram (GRDA) in Los Angeles, California hosts a monthly virtual Akhand Path

All are encouraged to sign up for an available reading slot and join our worldwide community in creating this special vibration of the Divine sound current of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Don’t know what an Akhand Path is?   Here’s some info.

Never read in an Akhand Path before?  No problem.  You can speak to one of the community members mentioned below to ask any questions.

Weekly HGRD Akhand Paths

Hacienda de Guru Ram Das is also offering the opportunity to participate in a regularly occurring Virtual Akhand Path!

  • SCHEDULE: To sign up for a reading slot in the Akhand Path this current week, open current schedule in Google docs.  The page numbering is from the Dr. Sant Singh version of the Siri Guru Granth.
  • Schedule to read in the following week now! open next week’s schedule in Google docs.
  • Contact Surya Avtar Kaur with any questions

Click Here for More Information about this Virtual Akhand Path 

Guru Ram Das Ashram Gurdwara

Monthly GRDA Akhand Paths

Sign Up – to sign up for a reading slot in this Akhand Path, open schedule in Google docs here > It is not necessary to list your phone number if you do not want it revealed to the general public.

All readers please email your contact info with phone number to the Community Coordinator at

Please contact the Guru Ram Das Ashram community coordinator, Karan Nam Singh, if you have any questions. +1-310-201-0954.

Click Here for More Information about this Virtual Akhand Path

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