We will be hosting our 10th Global Virtual Sahej Path in collaboration with Miri Piri Academy 

Celebrating the Birth of Guru Ram Das – Happy Birthday Guru Ram Das ji! 

Live Online October 2-7, 2021

We invite all community members from around the globe to participate

No experience required!

Connecting with the Guru can provide much needed upliftment and comfort during these unprecedented times. Our prayer is that this virtual Sahej Path will give an opportunity for our global Sangat to connect to the Guru within. We ask that Guru guide us during these times of challenge due to coronavirus, and the battle on our planet for equality, respect, love and peace for ALL human beings.

A Sahej Path is a complete reading of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, but unlike an Akand Path, which where the reading is continuous and unbroken, a Sahej Path can be done over a longer period of time with breaks in between reading.  However, the intent of this Sahej Path is to basically be an Akhand Path, but since we are not all in one place and we are doing it virtually and cannot confirm that it is being done continuously, without pause, we are presenting it as a Sahej Path.

This Sahej Path will have continuous reading times and will be completed in a 6 day time frame.  This will be done through the honor system, so please only sign up if you intend to truly read during the time you sign up for.





You can also view and download PDFs for each individual volume of the 5-volume set of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib in Gurmukhi and English:

Note: if you find corrections in this edition of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, please notify us, and we will pass them on to SikhNet.

Guidelines for Participation

  1. Maintain a clean and sacred space for the Guru when reading in your home.
  2. Remove your shoes, cover your head, and (if you are handling a hard copy volume) wash your hands and feet before beginning to read.
  3. Download the PDF and have your area set up before your reading hour, so you are ready to read on time.
  4. Write down your assigned page numbers and keep them next to you, so you remember when to finish.
  5. Read aloud until you have finished your assigned pages (if you finish before your hour timeslot is finished, that is fine; if it takes you longer, no worries – just keep reading until you’ve completed your assigned pages.)

The Pages to Read During Your Time Slot

This time we are giving the option of signing up to read for 30-minute time slots.  You can still choose to sign up to read for 60 minutes or longer by signing up for multiple time slots back to back.  Or you can sign up for various time slots throughout the duration of the Sahej Path!

The below sheet indicates the schedule for reading the 5-volume set by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa (with Gurmukhi and English translation), and requires about 25 pages (in the English translation volume) to be read for 30 minute time slot.  If you are reading from a full Gurmukhi “Bir” of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, we’ve also included the standard “Ang” page numbers on the sign-up sheet, which is closer to 10 pages for each 30 minute time slot.

**Times on the sheet below are provided in Mountain Daylight Time (GMT-6). Use this World Time Buddy tool find to your time zone!

**Click on each day below to see a full size image of the times and pages to read.  If you scroll down, you can also download a full spreadsheet with the times and pages for all 6 days.  (The highlighted times indicate a volume change, if you are using the separate volumes of the 5 volume set as listed above.)

Click Here to Download an Excel File of this Spreadsheet

Join the Virtual Sahej Path via Zoom

We are happy to invite the whole Sangat to join the Global Virtual Sahej Path via Zoom.

When readers choose to read their Sahej Path time slots via Zoom, it will allow Sangat members to enjoy listening to the sound current in this virtual space.

We look forward to creating a cozy space to connect to our global community and share in the blessing of the Naad created during this Virtual Sahej Path.

Note:  it is optional for readers to decide whether to read their time slot via Zoom, or offline.  So, at any given time during the Sahej Path schedule, people may be reading or not, depending on whether the reader for that hour decides to read via Zoom.

If you do participate via Zoom, please share your experience at (info@sikhdharma.org), so we can continue to make improvements for future Global Virtual Sahej Paths.

Here is some useful information for both listeners and readers:

For All Participants:

Do I need a Zoom account to participate in the Sahej Path using Zoom?

No, you do not have to have a Zoom account to join the Virtual Sahej Path via Zoom. However, if you wish to join via Zoom, it is necessary to first download the Zoom app onto your device.

Click here to download the Zoom app. 

How do I log in to Zoom?

Here is the information to join.  (Note:  if you use the One Tap Link, you do not need to enter the password).

Join the Zoom Meeting: 

Join Online with One Tap Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84086737468?pwd=ZlpTaHE4ZS9DbEhxSzRwMDY0b2tsUT09

Meeting ID: 840 8673 7468
Passcode: 141768

Find your local number to call in: https://zoom.us/u/abSusKdQ3v

For Listeners

  • Please be sure your head is covered while listening
  • Your audio will be muted when you enter the meeting. Please keep yourself muted to avoid interrupting the audio of the reader
  • Some readers may choose not to read via Zoom, so it is possible you may enter the meeting and find that no one is reading. If this happens, feel free to try tuning in again at another time during the Virtual Sahej Path

For Readers

Do I have to participate via Zoom?

No.  If you do not wish to read via Zoom, you can complete your assigned reading on your own, offline.  However, readers are encouraged to read on Zoom if they are inspired to do so, so other Sangat members can listen to the sound current as well.

If I choose to read via Zoom, do I participate via Audio or Video?

You can choose to join Zoom with just audio, so people can only hear you reading.  Or you can choose to join via audio and video, so people can both hear and see you reading.

If you are new to Zoom, at the bottom of this message, you will find some instructions for how to “unmute” and “mute” your microphone and, if you have a camera on your computer, how to show yourself via video.

If technical glitches arise with Zoom, no worries, just proceed with reading your assigned pages as usual. The most important thing is to maintain the integrity of the sound current, whether or not it is being broadcast live.

Additional Tips

  • Please be sure your head is covered while reading
  • Please join the Zoom meeting a few minutes before your reading time begins.  You may join the Zoom call by phone or computer, using the log-in information provided above
  • By default, your video will be off and your audio will be muted as you enter the call.  To avoid interrupting the audio of the reader reading before you, please keep yourself muted until it is your turn to start reading
  • If you finish reading your hour time slot early, you may leave the Zoom call or stay to hear the next reader.  (Note:  since it is optional for people to join Zoom during their reading time, it is possible the next reader will not join the call.)
  • If you finish reading your assigned pages before the hour is up, feel free to continue reading if you feel inspired to do so, but do so off of Zoom, to prevent the reader who follows you from getting confused about which pages to read.
  • If it takes you longer than your hour time slot to read, no problem! Just continue reading through your assigned pages, but read the rest of your pages after your hour time offline, so if the next reader comes on, they will not be confused about whether they should start reading or not.

Technical Tips

To unmute yourself

  • Click on the “mute” button – a  microphone icon – in the bottom left of the screen.
  • When you are successfully unmuted, the diagonal red line will disappear from the microphone.

To share your video

  • You can choose whether or not you’d like to share your video. If you would like to share your video:
    • Click on the “start video” button – a camera icon – in the bottom left of the screen.
    • When your video has started successfully, you will see yourself through your video camera.


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To inspire others, please feel free to share videos and photos of yourself reading from the Guru, as well as written comments about your experience, and passages that inspired you while reading from the Guru. You can email any of the above to info@sikhdharma.org or tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

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